'09 Veracruz?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Veracruz' started by Wayne Maruna, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Wayne Maruna

    Wayne Maruna Guest

    Just wondering if there was any scuttlebutt on the '09 Veracruz. Here in
    eastern NC, only the '08s are for sale. Dealer says the '09s are due in
    February. Anyone know if wholesale changes are forthcoming with the late
    debut? Reason I ask is the dealer has an '08 Limited with Navi unit,
    bluetooth, and roof rails, sticker a bit over $38K. It is a demo with 5,800
    miles. Dealer says warranty clock starts when it is purchased, e.g 100K
    warranty would be 105,800. He's asking $28,500 for it net of rebate.
    Neither Kelly BLue Book nor NADA Guides are much help in affixing a price
    adjustment for the 6K mile demo part. Edmund's TMV, for what it is worth,
    is around $32.4K, meaning delaer is discounting an additional $3,900 for the
    approx 6K miles. I have no idea how reasonable that is. Opinions? If the
    '09 model is going to be a significant departure from the '08, then I would
    expect further discounts might be appropriate.

    Geez, is there a way to turn off all the porn postings to this newsgroup? I
    don't remember it being this way the last time I bought a Hyundai (XG350) in
    2004 and was a frequent visitor to this newsgroup.
    Wayne Maruna, Dec 29, 2008
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  2. Wayne Maruna

    jp103 Guest

    AWD or FWD? Fitzmall has a new 08 FWD limited w/ nav, floor mats and
    rails - no bluetooth for 28,628. Try fitzmall.com and/or
    townehyundai.com for some comparison prices and take those to your
    dealer for a match.
    jp103, Dec 29, 2008
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  3. While I have gotten this information from Kia regarding the '09 Sedona, I
    believe that exactly the same thing will be true regarding the Veracruz.

    No wholesale changes. But the Veracruz will be adding SIRIUS satellite
    radio capability, with auxiliary and MP3-USB connection, standard on all
    trim levels with three months complimentary service and an optional
    navigation system for the highest trim line.

    They are holding off introducing the '09 (even though thousands of them are
    sitting at port), because they are trying to draw down the inventories of
    the '08's. The tanking economy really took a swing at the minivan market,
    even though in my world, it makes even more sense now than it used to.
    Rev. Tom Wenndt, Dec 29, 2008
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