100000 mi/10 year Hyundai Extended Warranty--Good Price??

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by bop, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. bop

    bop Guest

    I am getting a new Sonata in a few days and have been offered the
    Hyundai warranty for $1188. Anybody get a better price? I think it is
    way too high. Thanks---Johnboy
    bop, Jan 4, 2006
  2. bop

    Rob Guest

    I was offered a 10yr 100,000 bumper to bumper for $800. These are not
    offered by Hyundai, they are third party companies. Usually some kind of
    insurance company.
    Rob, Jan 5, 2006
  3. I don't get it. Since you are getting a 60,000 mile basic warranty, and
    100,000 mile powertrain warranty, that seems an awful lot for what is
    actually very little additional protection.

    I guess it comes down to your perception of the reliability of the vehicle
    your first five years (and anything not already covered).

    In my world, if you have that little confidence in the car, you shouldn't be
    buying the car in the first place. I have always turned down such offers,
    and have never regretted it.

    Tom Wenndt
    Rev. Tom Wenndt, Jan 5, 2006
  4. IMHO it would be better to obtain an extended warranty from someone
    other than Hyundai. The Hyundai dealer Service Manager's job is to
    find excuses not to honor the Hyundai warranty. You won't have that
    problem if you go with a reputable 3rd party.

    Screwtape III, Jan 5, 2006
  5. bop

    gerry Guest

    [original post is likely clipped to save bandwidth]

    I didn't consider it seriously but one virtue claimed by the dealer was
    increased resale value. The standard 10 yr warranty isn't transferable.
    (As stated by the dealer, again, I didn't even consider it).

    gerry, Jan 5, 2006
  6. bop

    zigipha Guest

    I was told the list price is 995 when you buy the car, but can be added
    within the first year for 1295. I got mine for 900 (plus tax).

    I was told the standard 5 yrs/50k mile (not 60k) warranty is
    transferrable, but the 10 yr/100k mile power train is not. The extended
    warranty from Hyundai is transferable, and covers the power train as

    I checked warratydirect.com for a comparable price and got like $1250
    to get a 10 yrs/100k warranty. So 900 seemed like a good price.

    I have bought 2 extended warranties - 93 and 99 dodage carvans. Both
    were well worth it (no surprise there!). I never had a problem
    collecting on the dodge warranty from the dodge dealer.

    I agree in principle with the "if you trust the car why get the
    warranty" statement, but the fact is things can happen. For 900 i get
    some peace of mind that if the water pump goes at 80k, or AC blows at
    65k, then its covered.

    I would think that more provlems would show up in the 2nd 50k not the
    first 50k.
    zigipha, Jan 5, 2006
  7. bop

    Pete & Cindy Guest

    well then the Service Manager's you have dealt with shouldnt be working.. I
    have NEVER had a problem with anything at Hyundai.. and my 04 Elantra GT had
    a few problems.. MAJOR ones that I never had a problem getting repaired..
    the Service Manger bent over backwards to make me happy.. tis why I now
    also have an 06 Santa Fe.. guess its WHO yer service manager is..;-)

    Pete & Cindy, Jan 5, 2006
  8. Oh, the one down the street from here is a real ass-monkey. When my
    son's '00 Accent transmission started having trouble I called him
    regarding the warranty. The first thing to come out of his mouth was
    that in the State of Florida all fluid changes and service work has to
    be done at the Extreme Service intervals or they wouldn't honor the
    Hyundai warranty.

    Show me that in writing somewhere...

    Screwtape III, Jan 5, 2006
  9. bop

    Pete & Cindy Guest

    well in my Elantra had clutch replaced.. CD player replaced 4 times...
    relay switch in clutch pedal replaced... and more.. and didnt have one
    problem with getting the work done..
    Pete & Cindy, Jan 5, 2006
  10. bop

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Right, with a 3rd party warranty nobody will honor it. My nephew just
    had this problem with a extended warranty he bought on a Chevy Blazer.
    The Chevy dealer near his home refused to honor it as it wasn't a Chevy
    warranty. He had to drive 50 miles to the dealer where he bought the
    vehicle and the warranty.

    Matt Whiting, Jan 5, 2006
  11. The last extended warranty I had was on my Astro van through Allstate.
    I'd take it somewhere to be serviced and the warranty company would
    provide the dealer with a credit card number. Never had a problem.

    Screwtape III, Jan 6, 2006
  12. bop

    Michael Guest

    I got my Hyundai Factory extended warranty in 2002 for $1050 , the dealer
    added in his lifetime lof's .....I have been every 3 months now and figure I
    ate up half of the price so far.

    Plan on keeping it for the 10 years , my wife has 7200k for 3 1/2 years , still
    runs like new.
    If it ain't broke I don't fix it !
    Michael, Jan 7, 2006
  13. bop

    John Ward Guest

    Waste of money. You'd be better off putting that $1k towards paying off
    your car faster or putting it in the bank towards future repairs if
    you're that worried. You might never have a problem & then the money
    will still be available unlike if you buy the warranty. 5yr/60k bumper
    to bumper & 10yr/100k powertrain is better than what most other car
    companies offer anyways. The extended warranty makes even less sense if
    you get rid of your car around the 5 or 6 year mark. Course most people
    will probably exceed 100k before they keep the car 10 years.
    John Ward, Jan 13, 2006
  14. bop

    marks4q2 Guest

    our 2001 accent developed noisy lifters
    at around the end of the original warranty.
    foretunately this car was purchased w/a extended bumper to bumper
    warranty to cover the veh for 10/100k.
    the dealer still tried to weasel out of the free repair by stating
    mobil 1 oil was insufficient for hyundai engines. also the dealer
    questioned our maintainance of the car. showing our receipts etc
    silenced him.
    the dealers try to bully customers into having maint performed only
    by them and then double dipping by charging the factory
    and customer for work performed.
    marks4q2, Jan 13, 2006
  15. bop

    marks4q2 Guest

    why wouldn't you change the filter and trans fluid at the recommended
    its a simple and inexpensive procedure for a do it yourselfer. bought
    our fluid and filter from the dealer using a discount coupon they mailed
    to us.
    also,its cheap insurance to protect your investment and one less
    excuse for the dealer to blame you should you actually develop trans
    then he bills you a small amount to show he's a nice guy while also
    billing the factory for actual work.
    our highway mileage is a consistant 45-50mpg city is about 27mpg
    we intend to keep our accent the full10years.
    marks4q2, Jan 13, 2006
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