1991 hyundai excel ignition switch wiring color-code

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by johnycat, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. johnycat

    johnycat Guest

    Hi there,
    my ignition switch is worn out and no longer works very well.
    I’ve pulled it apart and cleaned it up a few times but I want to put
    in a toggle switch for the ACC position, another for the ON position
    and a push button for START. I’ve got about 6 wires running into one
    end of the switch. Does anyone out there have the HAYNES manual for a
    ’91 Excel and does it identify each wire by color? Also, any tips on
    my idea would be appreciated(I’ve never done this before)
    My ignition switch is shot(the little copper posts inside are so worn
    down that they’re not making contact with the rotating copper disk
    that’s got raised copper tracks to correspond with the posts in order
    to make the proper connections). I’d still have to use the key to
    unlock the steering wheel, but I want an excuse to buy a soldering
    iron. I’m also having a hard time finding an ignition switch anywhere
    close to where I live and the car is presently not running.
    On youtube I got a little info on bypassing the switch. For the ACC
    position two of the wires need to be connected at all times while the
    car is running. For the ON position two more wires need to be
    connected while car is running. For start, two of the wires need to
    make brief contact. The push button idea is a better one...I imagine
    if I dissect the guts of the ignition switch and map out the routes of
    each of the 3 connections, I can figure it out. I was just hoping
    there was some kind of online database with that info. It’s kind of
    like trying to hook up a stereo. It seems that other than yellow being
    HOT, everything else varies depending on the vehicle make...and in
    some cases the YEAR....why can’t they just standardize that stuff?!
    johnycat, Nov 2, 2008
  2. johnycat

    Mike Marlow Guest

    You must live in a very remote area. There are junk yards all over the
    place. Just go to a junk yard and get a switch. Or - the dealer.
    Mike Marlow, Nov 3, 2008
  3. johnycat

    hyundaitech Guest

    Presuming you're in the U.S., this should be an easy part to obtain. Eac
    of Hyundai's parts depots has at least two of these switches (93110-32000
    in stock.

    Go to your local dealer and order one. They should have it in tw
    business days. Price should be about $20, give or take, depending on you
    local dealer's pricing. It'll cost you that much to buy all the individua
    parts you're talking about in the proper amperage ratings
    hyundaitech, Nov 3, 2008
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