1992 Elantra gls 5 speed not shifting to 2 4 and R

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by dlingley, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. dlingley

    dlingley Guest

    Hi There,
    My old Elantra decided to stop shifting into 2 4 and R the other day.
    It will sometimes go into 4 if I kind of bang up on the shifter without
    putting it in 3rd and then bringing it down to 4? Any ideas? The
    linkage? Anyone know how I adjust that on a 92 elantra?

    dlingley, Oct 12, 2006
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  2. dlingley

    hyundaitech Guest

    Check your shift cables, both in the console and under the hood. It's
    probable one of the retaining clips has come loose or one of the shift
    cables has separated.
    hyundaitech, Oct 12, 2006
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