1992 Hyundai Elantra-severe knock/ping under any loading of engine when hot

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by Vector Viper, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Vector Viper

    Vector Viper Guest

    I have a 1992 Hyundai Elantra with a 1595cc 1.6L DOHC engine
    With drivabiltity problems as follows:
    First off, the engine starts ok.
    When cold, the power often sags off under load for a few seconds, usually
    after a shift.
    Engine power increases with RPM quite a bit...starting very low.
    mild acceleration when cold-you can feel the power step up a 'notch' every
    hundred rpm increase-like the computer is holding it back...
    Throttle response is poor, with quite a delay too.
    The engine also sounds very 'sputtery' it hard to explain...

    But it is not the engine itself;every so often it will drive better,
    sometime very good.
    2 days ago I started it and it ran great when cold, no sags at all-and the
    responded well-and the engine did not have the 'sputter' so much.
    I tried to get it to ping when warm, and it did not...
    (Of course, next day it was back to its tricks...)

    When warm, car generally drives better, (but power still weak)
    If the engine is loaded for a while,
    it then starts knocking and pinging, getting worse as time goes on...
    eventually, ANY engine load gives slight pinging, downshifting to get higher
    and lighter throttle does NOT stop the ping....engine power also seems to
    Turning on the A/C makes the car basically undrivable, really saps away the

    It acts like the cylinders are overheating, and can't cool off (temp gauge
    normal though...)
    Possible things:
    Low gas pressure (gas lines don't seem to keep pressurized after engine shut
    off)-pressure reg?
    would force lean running and overheating?
    EGR system not working, stuck open?

    Any ideas? Have downloaded charts, tested some things myself, checked
    inputs (BTW, no codes are set, and check engine light does not come on...)
    It's probably 1 little part doing this....
    I'd love ANY help here...

    Aaron H.
    Vector Viper, Jul 26, 2003
  2. Vector Viper

    Trust_no1 Guest

    as far as I can appreciate by your post, I suppose 3 major and easy to check
    - water temp. sensor (for ECU, not for gauge), they are close to cyl. head,
    right side of engine;
    - sparks cables;
    - fuel pump;

    regards, Trust_no1
    Trust_no1, Jul 26, 2003
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