2000 Elantra Wagon Stereo Harness

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by Mike T., Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Mike T.

    Mike T. Guest

    Hi again,

    I'm still trying to get the new CD player headunit installed in my 2000
    Elantra Wagon. I ordered and received a harness that I hoped would work, but
    I haven't had luck yet. The unit turns on, but nothing shows on the display
    and there's no sound. I've tracked down a couple of wiring schematics, but
    they don't match what's on the harness in the car. Here's the wiring of the
    harness that went into the back of the stock radio...I'll list them with the
    angled corners of the connector facing up:

    Top row:
    (no connections here)

    Bottom Row:

    Does anyone have an *accurate* listing of what these connections are? Also,
    is there an issue because I purchased the car in the US and had it shipped
    to Europe and that the new headunit is European (ISO connections in the back
    of it)? I doubted it, figuring power is power and speakers are speakers (and
    the fact that all of it is made in Korea anyway).

    Mike T., Oct 8, 2004
  2. Mike T.

    hyundaitech Guest

    Here's what I've got:
    Pin 1: empty
    Pin 2: Black/white - l/r speaker (-)
    Pin 3: Red - l/f speaker (-)
    Pin 4: Black - r/f speaker (-)
    Pin 5: Black/green - r/r speaker (-)
    PIn 6: Green/black - Illumination (-)
    Pin 7: Black - ground
    Pin 8: empty
    Pin 9: Yellow - l/f speaker (+)
    PIn 10: Red/Black - constant power
    PIn 11: Blue/White - Ignition power
    Pin 12: Red/Blue - r/f speaker (+)
    PIn 13: White - r/r speaker (+)
    Pin 14: Green/white - Illumination (+)
    Pin 18: Brown - l/r speaker (+)

    I'm guessing Pin 18 is a typo and is really supposed to be Pin 8. I
    believe this connector has six cavities on top (pins 1-6) and 8 on the
    bottom (pins 7-14). I don't think the radio connectors have changed very
    much, so when in doubt go by the pin location.
    hyundaitech, Oct 9, 2004
  3. Mike T.

    Mike T. Guest

    Thanks for the help. I wired everything as listed. Unfortunately, for some
    reason, the radio buttons light up, but there's nothing on the display, and
    nothing coming through the speakers. I brought the radio back to the store
    where I bought it, the guy tested it, and it all works perfectly.

    Is it possible that there could be a problem due to the fact that I bought
    the car in the US, but the radio was purchased in Germany? (we moved here
    and brought the car with us) I was under the assumption that it should still
    work because it all is 12v.
    Mike T., Oct 9, 2004
  4. Mike T.

    hyundaitech Guest

    I can't imagine why there'd be a problem with a German stereo. If it's all
    12V, then it should work. Start with checking your wiring for power. You
    should have power at the two wires indicated (one constant, one switched).
    Check for proper ground in your ground wire. If you can manage it, try to
    output a portable radio to the speaker wires or look in the trunk and
    inside the doors to check the speaker wire colors. They may or may not be
    the same as the speakers are all probably in different harnesses than the
    hyundaitech, Oct 9, 2004
  5. Mike T.

    Mike T. Guest

    I'll have to pick up a tester Monday. When I pop the old stock radio back
    in, though, everything works, which leads me to believe the wiring's ok (but
    I'll still test to be sure!). I'm not replacing it because of any defect,
    it's just that I wanted a CD player in the car.
    Mike T., Oct 9, 2004
  6. Mike T.

    Mike T. Guest

    Here's something I just noticed: In the back of the stock radio there's a
    7.5A fuse. In the back of the new unit, there's a 15A fuse. Could THIS be
    the source of my problems? I need to check the fuse panel in the car.
    Mike T., Oct 10, 2004
  7. Mike T.

    Mike T. Guest

    The fuse in the panel was a 10A. I changed it to a 15A, but nothing changed.
    So much for that.
    Mike T., Oct 10, 2004
  8. Mike T.

    hyundaitech Guest

    As long as the fuse isn't blown, that won't be your problem. I didn't
    think to mention earlier that once you take the door panels off, you can
    disconnect the speakers and test for continuity to see which wire is
    hyundaitech, Oct 11, 2004
  9. Mike T.

    Mike T. Guest

    I don't believe it. I found the problem.

    Today I took the car to the shop to deal with a transmission problem. While
    I was there, I brought up this problem. Naturally, I plug the new HU in, and
    it works!! I go back home to finally finish this nightmare, and it doesn't

    Here is where the problem was: The new HU came with a sleeve. You mount the
    sleeve to the car, then slide the HU in. However, in my car, there's nothing
    back there for the sleeve to grab onto..just 2 screws on each side. So, I
    took the 90° angle brackets off the old HU, and mounted them on the new one,
    not using the sleeve. Apparently, there's something involving the sleeve and
    the clips mounted to the HU that causes it not to work if not connected.

    Which leaves me back at square one...trying to figure out how to mount it.

    Thanks to everyone for their help in this so far!

    Mike T., Oct 14, 2004
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