2001 Accent, oil pump dying after 60K miles

Discussion in 'Hyundai Accent' started by DredheadV2.0, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. DredheadV2.0

    DredheadV2.0 Guest

    Hey all.

    First of all let me preface this by saying I am not a car guy. The
    last four-wheeled vehicle I owned was an early-70's Volvo 164, back in
    '93. Since then I've only owned motorcycles, and generally do the
    repairs myself coz it's easy to get to stuff.

    But my lovely GF has a car, a 2001 Accent 4-door. Up until this
    spring, she hardly drove it for two years, and before that it was all
    highway. Now that she's started a job that requires her to spend a
    few hours/30 miles in stop n go traffic every day, her car's motor has
    started ticking. I took it to a reputable local shop for a free
    estimate, and he said lifters are damaged and the oil pressure is
    about half what it should be at idle, and low across the board.

    Now, I know that oil pumps shouldn't be failing at 60K miles, and this
    certainly is part of the powertrain warranty. But I doubt she's going
    to be able to produce documentation that she was keeping up on the
    maintenance. Her ex-husband took care of it the first few years, and
    I'm taking care of it now, but there's that 3-year period in the
    middle... I'm wondering if the average dealer would be a stickler
    for full records in this case. It seems like it would take many years
    of poor maint to make an oil pump fail, and it wouldn't be the first
    thing to go if that were the case.

    If they say no to a warranty fix, I'm going to try to tackle the oil
    pump replacement myself, or at least think about it. The lifters can
    tick away til the motor grenades (very subtle for now, hear it only
    while the car is in gear, and feathering the gas pedal around idle,
    with the windows rolled up, etc) for all I care, but I gotta do
    something about the oil pressure for now.

    So how hard is it to get to? Is it even worth my time to go to
    Border's and get the Haynes manual to look at the procedure? Learned
    opinions sought.

    DredheadV2.0, Jun 15, 2007
  2. DredheadV2.0

    Hal Guest

    If they say no to a warranty fix, I'm going to try to tackle the oil
    I'm not sure that the 'mechanic' you spoke with is being completely
    level with you. One of my friends has a 2001 elantra and the lifters
    have always been a little chatty at idle. Not just one or two, all of
    them. Revving the engine 500 rpm and closing the throttle gets them to
    all sound off quietly. Car has 73k on it and I have not seen any
    evidence of contamination in her oil, so I don't ever mention it as
    being a problem and she drives the car every day.

    I guess my take on it is "If it ain't broke don't fix it".

    Hal, Jun 17, 2007
  3. DredheadV2.0

    hyundaitech Guest

    I can count the number of Hyundai oil pump failures I've ever seen on one
    hand. According to the service manual, the pressure should be about 21PSI
    at idle. The dealer isn't likely to ask for service records unless it
    actually appears that the oil wasn't changed at the proper intervals.

    If you have the 1.5L engine, the most frequent cause of lifter tap is
    sludge clogging the oil feed holes in the rocker arms. Usually, removing
    the rocker arms and cleaning out the oil feed holes cures the issue. Of
    course, sludging isn't a warranty issue.

    If you have the 1.6L engine, check to be sure the flap inside the oil fill
    hole isn't pushed down into one of the rocker arms. If it is, it'll sound
    remarkably like a lifter. In that event, simply take a hook and pull it
    back up.
    hyundaitech, Jun 18, 2007
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