2001 Sonata AC/Heat/blower? driving me crazy

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by greg, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. greg

    greg Guest

    Hi all, I have a 2001 hyundai Sonata. I have been having an
    AC/Heat/Blower related problem. After driving anywhere from 45 mins
    to one hour, the heat or AC will not blow. The blower will make noise
    as if it is trying, but nothing but a dribble will come out. Then
    miraculously it sometimes starts to work again anywhere from 20 mins
    to 45 mins later. SOmetimes it doesn't come back at all until I use
    the car the next day. I have brought this to my dealer 6 times and
    they keep changing relays, resistors etc. I am going crazy. anyone
    have any ideas?
    greg, Jul 18, 2003
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  2. greg

    Hyundai Tech Guest

    <snip>After driving anywhere from 45 mins to one hour, the heat or AC will
    not blow.

    There is a technical service bulletin out for this concern. Take it to the
    dealer and tell them to look up TSB # 03-97-001 and tell them to install the
    update thermistor in its correct location.
    if its a full automatic temp control vehicle - use part # 97614-3D200
    if its a manually controlled vehicle - use part # 97614-3D000

    Gerald Lawson
    ASE Certified Master Auto Technician
    ASE Certified Undercar Specialist
    Hyundai Senior Master Technician
    Mitsubishi Master Technician
    Hyundai Tech, Jul 19, 2003
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  3. greg

    greg Guest

    Thanks so much for writing back. I brought it to a new dealer and
    they said thats not it and they cant find anything wrong after looking
    at it for 4 hours.

    I am at wits end. do I have any recourse with anyone? I have a car
    whose heat, vent, and AC stop working every long trip I take. what
    can I do?
    greg, Jul 23, 2003
  4. greg

    greg Guest

    I finally got the dealer to order the part and they are gonna do it
    next week. I hope this works.

    Gerald Thanks so much for your help. Is there anyone at hyundai I can
    write to letting them know what a great job you do? I can't believe
    the dealers here are so technically inept. They go out of their way
    to be nice and that is appreciated and great, but ultimately don't
    have the wherewithal to fix the problem.
    greg, Jul 30, 2003
  5. greg

    Radford Guest

    That's more the rule than the exception, unfortunately.

    Be grateful you don't have my GM dealer. They'll do anything expensive,
    doesn't matter if it doesn't fix the problem. After $2.5k a year in
    'repairs' I dropped GM cars for good.
    Radford, Jul 30, 2003
  6. greg

    James Guest

    Could be worse. You could be driving a Ford.
    James, Jul 31, 2003
  7. greg

    jor Guest

    Try a Focus. I'm on my 5th recall. The temp gauge works sometimes. Same with
    the fuel gauge. The door locks work most of the time except one which
    doesn't work any of the time. The brakes are shot at 30K miles and so on.
    Nice car to drive but you have to enjoy going to the dealer with some
    jor, Jul 31, 2003
  8. What *is* it with people top-posting? Message rearranged to comply with
    Usenet conventions.

    The Ford Tempo was pretty terrible in terms of repair and maintenance.
    My parents owned one; it was constantly in the shop for something or
    other. OTOH, I didn't have *too* many problems with my Mercury Sable
    (Ford Taurus by another name.) The Focus seems to be more like the
    Tempo than the Taurus in terms of its repair/maintenance. YMMV,
    Always. Part of the problem was that Hyundai initially didn't design
    their cars for long lifetimes, since apparently, folks in Korea buy a
    new car every 3-4 years and wouldn't be caught dead in a 5-year-old
    anything. Their experiences/customer feedback in the US market made
    them change things around a bit.
    Dances With Crows, Jul 31, 2003
  9. greg

    D Nieves Guest

    My '86 Mercury Lynx ruined me for American cars too, my '86 Mazda RX-7 made
    me an Asian car convert for life. My AX was more reliable at 15 years old
    than when my Lynx was brand new!

    RX-7 0-15 years:
    regular maintenance, clutch, brake caliper, and new exhaust.

    Lynx 0-6 years
    regular maintenance, new exhaust TWICE, alternator, starter TWICE, struts,
    tie rods THREE TIMES!, dashboard lights, head gasket, transmission, belts,
    valve cover gasket THREE TIMES, fuel pump, carburetor TWICE.
    D Nieves, Aug 1, 2003
  10. greg

    Mad Moe Guest

    Yeah I agree , Hyundais are great cars tied to lousy US dealer support
    ..,had my Elantra in 3 times for a simple problem . Fortunately I was
    able to fix it for a total cost of 10 cents . Right now I have 3
    Elantras 2 - 92s and a new 01 . Fortunately I can easily repair them
    myself . Here in western Washington I would suggest you BUY from
    Titus-Will in Oly and have them worked on at Larson in Tacoma .

    Mad Moe, Aug 2, 2003
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