2002 Hyundai Accent - Dash Light problems

Discussion in 'Hyundai Accent' started by Hummingbird1918, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. The 2002 Hyundai Accent's dash lights do not work properly. In the
    evenings when the headlights are turned on the dash lights may turn on
    too; however, after an unspecified amount of time the dashlights will
    turn off. This only affects the instrument panel behind the steering
    wheel, which houses the speedometer, gas gauge, etc.

    After a while the dash lights might turn back on. There is no specific
    manner or activity which may trigger it to turn back on. For instance,
    on night, I was going on a trip to the neighboring city (about 60 miles
    away), I started the vehicle and turned on the lights. As I was
    starting to pull out of the garage the dash lights turned off. I
    continued to drive and after about 5 minutes they turned back on for
    about 30 seconds (if that). I got on the highway and continued my
    trip...during this drive time (about 50 miles) the dash lights would
    turn on and off intermittingly. I thought I would "test" the problem. I
    would accelerate and most of the time there was no change, then I would
    brake, and most of the time there was no change either. Even when drive
    over rough patches in the road it still did not have an impact of the
    problem. This dispelled my thoughts of a loose wire...am I wrong?

    There is nothing wrong (does not affect) with the other lights in the
    car, the headlights, brake lights, blinkers, and middle instrument
    panel (clock, radio, a/c, etc.) when the dash lights go out.

    I have taken the vehicle to dealer for service and they could not
    duplicate the problem. I question their knowledge because I clearly
    informed them the problem occurs at night and they were attempting to
    duplicate in the daytime.

    Are there others who have this similar type of problem? How can I get
    this problem fixed? Am I talking "girl" to them in my explanation of
    the problem, what might I say that can get this problem resolved?

    By the way, their resolution to this is "...the car is 5 years old, you
    should just get another one..."

    Please help!!!!
    Hummingbird1918, Aug 28, 2006
  2. Hummingbird1918

    hyundaitech Guest

    The loose wire is a possibility, but I wouldn't concentrate there.

    Lets start with what we know. If the center dash illumination doesn't go
    out, then we already know the rheostat (dimmer switch) is still working

    I'd primarily suspect something with the cluster itself. In your cluster
    is a device called an inverter. It connects to the background of each of
    the gauges and illuminates them. (Don't ask me how it works. I don't
    know. All the schematic shows me is a box that says "inverter" and some
    wires running to it.) The inverter could be going bad; the screws that
    connect it to the cluster circuit board could be loose; there could be an
    intermittent open circuit in the circuit board itself; there could be a
    bad connection in the cluster connector. Considering the circuit layout,
    it's possible there could be a poor splice or bad wire to the cluster, but
    that's *very* unlikely. If I had to guess, I'd surmise the inverter

    But here's the problem. If you're still within the warranty period,
    Hyundai requires dealers to duplicate the problem before making repairs.
    The fact that the dealer tested your car during the daytime is irrelevant.
    They can still operate the lamps and see if they're working. If you've
    told them what you've told us here, I have no reason to suspect they
    didn't check it and drive and so on a few times. Hyundai doesn't require
    the dealer to duplicate in order to give customers a hard time, but rather
    to avoid spending unnecessary money in repairs. Within the warranty
    period, I'd ask my manager if he'd like me to put in an inverter. And
    then it's between him and Hyundai. Whatever they want is what I'll wind
    up doing. (It is Hyundai's money, after all).

    If you'd be paying for repairs, you'll need to consider how willing you
    are to pay for a repair based on a guess. As long as the lamps are
    working, the shop will be unable to conclusively diagnose the issue. Will
    you be unhappy with the dealer if you spend your money on the guess and the
    problem isn't fixed? If so, then you should wait until they can diagnose
    the problem while it's occurring.
    hyundaitech, Aug 29, 2006
  3. Hummingbird1918

    victorlazlo Guest

    I have this exact same problem with this exact same vehicle. I don't
    think it has a lose wire, because going over a bump never generates a
    reaction from the light... it just goes on and off at random. I have
    not tried to get Hyundai to fix this yet, because as you say, it is
    difficult for them to duplicate. The status of the light is impossible
    to determine visually during the daytime.

    Sorry I don't have a solution for you, but at least you are not alone!
    victorlazlo, Sep 18, 2006
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