2002 hyundai santa fe power door locks

Discussion in 'Hyundai Santa Fe' started by mikesmithpadre, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone, any help would be great. Passenger power door locks
    wont work with remote, driver side controls or passenger controls. It
    will slightly move sometimes, took panel off, everthing looks ok.
    Lock will open with key. Thinnking this is the actuator,,,,Ive
    replaced power window motors, thanks ....
    mikesmithpadre, Dec 21, 2008
  2. mikesmithpadre

    Irwell Guest

    Look to the wiring harness, crappy Hyandai quality control
    in this area.
    Irwell, Dec 21, 2008
  3. Okay I'll give it a look, the acutator sounds like its working, I hear
    it click and move, just seems like it doesnt have the power to move
    the lock,,,,,,thanks.....
    mikesmithpadre, Dec 21, 2008
  4. mikesmithpadre

    Mike Marlow Guest

    "I've replaced the power window motors".... what does that mean? Did you
    recently replace the motor and then have this problem? "Everything looks
    ok"... what does that mean? Did you get the rods back in properly? Any
    binding? Did you ensure that you have good grounds after your work?

    You have a lot more information to provide if you really want any
    meaningful help.
    Mike Marlow, Dec 21, 2008
  5. mikesmithpadre

    mike Guest

    Okay I'll start over, I just picked up the car and noticed this
    problem, I have replaced power window motors and regulators before on
    other hyundais so I have a little mechanical know how, on this one all
    I've done is taken the passenger door panel off, looked at the rods,
    wires, and all looks normal. The actuator is moving, it can only
    wiggle the lock, sometimes open it if I give it 5 minutes. The other
    fella suggested to look at the relays which I assume is under the fuse
    mike, Dec 21, 2008
  6. mikesmithpadre

    Mike Marlow Guest

    So again - what do you mean by normal? Are the rods in the proper places
    and unencumbered in their travel?

    Could be a couple of things. I'll repeat - check your grounds. The most
    common problem in automotive electrical malfunctions is poor grounds.
    Ok - look at the relays. Then look at the grounds.
    Mike Marlow, Dec 23, 2008
  7. mikesmithpadre

    mike Guest

    mike, Dec 28, 2008
  8. mikesmithpadre

    hyundaimech Guest

    This tells me the electrical part of the system is okay. Combine that
    with the fact that you see nothing wrong inside the door, and you can
    conclude that the problem is with the actuator itself. Hopefully, I'm
    not too late with this news.
    hyundaimech, Jan 11, 2009
  9. mikesmithpadre

    Voyager Guest

    Is hyundaimech a new name for hyundaitech? I haven't seen hyundaitech
    most lately.
    Voyager, Jan 11, 2009
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