2002 Santa Fe Cranking/starting problem

Discussion in 'Hyundai Santa Fe' started by John L. Wilkerson Jr., Jun 8, 2004.

  1. My wife's Santa Fe, 2002, 6 Cyl 4wd has strted to show starting problems.
    The other day we went to the drive-in movies. The vehicle was not
    running, and she had to use electrical accessories at times for our baby,
    including a bottle warmer.

    When leaving, the vehicle would not start. It demonstrated all the
    classic low battery signs, slow crank, clicking and such. After a bit of
    swearing and "now what do we do's" It slowly cranked and started.

    Now, today, my wife got in, started just fine. Drove to the mall. Left
    the mall , again started fine. Drove to post office.... with AC cranked,
    and a bit of traffic delays, a lot of stop and go, gets to the post
    office, goes in and comes out. Tries to start truck..... dead... real
    slow crank, click..... she swears, calls me, and while talking to me it

    I suspect the battery. the electrical loads should not hurt a healthy
    battery. I figure it was borderline. Whith the loads both at the
    movies, and the stop and go driving with AC cranked would pull more juice
    than the alternator could provide during these conditions. As such I
    plan on replacing the battery.

    No my actual questions:

    This is 2 year old vehicle with the factory battery. Can the battery be
    bad already?

    And... this vehicle is "hyundai certified".. did the people going over it
    miss the possible weak battery... we've had the truck only 2 months.

    Any input folks?

    John L. Wilkerson Jr., Jun 8, 2004
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  2. My Santa Fe, 2002, 6 Cyl 4wd had a battery failure after about 1 year.
    Replaced on warranty.

    Arold "Al" Green
    Arold \Al\ Green, Jun 8, 2004
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  3. Thanks... We have the remainder of the mfgrs warranty, but I am not sure if
    it has lapsed on batteries..... nonetheless, it is good news.... santa fe
    batteries can fail early.

    I just got it off the charger..... performed perfect, versus the slow crank
    when I checked it before the charge.
    John L. Wilkerson Jr., Jun 8, 2004
  4. John L. Wilkerson Jr.

    hyundaitech Guest

    The battery warranty is:
    0-2 years, free replacement.
    2-3 years, free labor, you pay 75% parts.
    After that, you're on your own.

    I replace many batteries in the 2-3 year period.
    hyundaitech, Jun 9, 2004
  5. John L. Wilkerson Jr.

    Old_Timer Guest

    My recommedation for the owner nearing the 2 year point is to have the
    battery load tested at an auto parts store. Many do it
    free-of-charge. It is tests low have the dealer replace it under
    warranty before the 2 years are up.

    Old_Timer, Jun 9, 2004
  6. John L. Wilkerson Jr.

    Jim Vatunz Guest

    that makes me feel better. i just bought a new battery today to
    replace the original which is only a bit over 3 years old. it has been
    losing charge to a point where it fails to crank the engine after 4
    i do feel however that i've contributed to what i feel is a reduced
    lifespan by having run it flat twice by not closing the hatch properly
    and draining it via the inside lamp.

    I have a webcam in the tropics
    Jim Vatunz, Jun 9, 2004
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