2002 Santa Fe transmission problem

Discussion in 'Hyundai Santa Fe' started by Nukala, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Nukala

    Nukala Guest


    I bought the Santa Fe in late 2002. Put on about 15k miles on it.
    Performed maintanence as required. I followed the break-in rules as
    descrived in the owners manual. Both of us (wife and I) drive it auto
    only. We have, may be, about 50 miles while on "stick".

    Day before yesterday my wife told me that, about 0.5 mile from our
    home, it started behaving wildly. I drove for another 1.5 miles
    yesterday and noticed the same wierdness. We noticed that the car
    started normally but about after crossing 15-20 mph it paused (slowed
    a little), then jerked, RPM shot up and the car kept moving slowly,
    RPM is still very high.

    Since it has shift-tronic gears, I slid the gear shift lever to
    "manual" and noticed that the it stays in 1st gear till atleast 25mph.
    However, if I used it as a "stick" it behaved normally. It down
    shifted smoothly at stop signs and such.

    The car is still under warranty. Bunch of dealers in the northern bay
    area closed down and the dealer I got it towed to (thanks roadside
    assitance) cannot look at it atleast untill early next week. Any idea
    what's happening ?
    Nukala, Apr 22, 2004
  2. Nukala

    hyundaitech Guest

    I'm guessing your input speed sensor has taken a dump. Did your check
    engine lamp come on? A code P0715 would support my theory. If that's all
    it is, it should be a quick fix (once the dealer looks at it next week,
    that is).

    Since they have the car and can perform actual diagnostics, they will be
    able to determine better than I what the problem is. I hope you're
    pleasantly surprised and you get it back tomorrow. Here's hoping you
    don't need a transmission, either.
    hyundaitech, Apr 23, 2004
  3. Nukala

    Nukala Guest

    Thanks for your thoughts in this matter.
    Yes, it did come out as P0715 and some others.
    No, the service engine light did not turn on.

    Nice thing was that it was covered under warranty (est=$110). Bad part
    was that it took them about 1 week to order the transmission control
    switch (throttle sensor) and install it.
    Nukala, Apr 30, 2004
  4. Nukala

    John Doe Guest

    Strange but true...
    I test drove a 2001 santa fe and I noticed the ck engin light on, but it
    took about 10 minutes and 5 miles to feel the problem. I shifted to reverse
    and then the forward h]gears were "dead". Reverse and then forward and the
    RPMs went up like it was stuck in low gear. Anyway we fought the funky
    problem back to the dealer and decided against the car. If the problem was
    not there, we would have bought the car for sure!
    They said they would fix whatever it was, but we had a negative feeling on
    it so we passed.

    With the input form others on the usegroup it may be fairly common froblem.

    My .02 worth...
    John Doe, May 1, 2004
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