2004 XG350L Hyundai- Has anyone comments to offer?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Grandeur / Azera / XG' started by HC, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. HC

    HC Guest

    Looking at 2004 XG350L Hyundai and would like to hear any comments from
    current drivers. Thank you in advance....Howard
    HC, Jul 29, 2003
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  2. HC

    XGCA Guest

    I have a 2002 that I bought brand new. I'll tell you the common

    1. AM reception is poor (common for Santa Fe too)
    2. Car is over powered (some will say it lunges when you leave a stop)

    Now for my complaints:
    1. See above.
    2. Alarm does not "chirp" when arming/disarming.
    3. I find the lumbar support a bit too high
    4. No daytime running lights (I happen to like DRL)
    5. No "hot" 12 volts all the time via cig adapter.
    6. I (still) find it hard to start from a stop without lunging (fast)
    7. Auto climate control does not maintain constant temp.
    8. No way to "lock" Recirculate in auto climate mode.
    9. Hard to change the cabin filter
    10. FM reception is marginal at best
    11. Doors don't auto lock when driving
    12 Loses value fast (Like most Hyundais's), but on that note your
    starting off at a lower vaule too.

    Now for my likes:
    1. Great price vs features (I got mine for $6K off!!! NEW) $20K!
    2. Everyone says "This is a Hyundai?"
    3. Very safe (6 air bags, 4 Wheel DISC ABS
    4. VERY comfortable at high speeds
    5. Looks like an Infinity/Lexus/Jag
    6. Good (not great) Gas mileage
    7. The best warranty
    8. Lots of room
    9 Easy to change oil and filter (the best I've seen!)
    10. Most manuals and TSB's and recalls are on the web!
    Hyundai is very "open". I like that!

    Why I bought it:
    1. Warranty
    2. Price
    3. Quality
    4. Features

    As you can tell, I do all my own service (have always done). I find
    the car to exceed in value and meet/exceed in quality. Overall I would
    give the car a "B". What would make it an "B+ or an A-" would be a
    smoother shift (esp from a stop).

    PS I have 18,000 miles on my 02'.

    Good Luck
    XGCA, Jul 30, 2003
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  3. HC

    theta00k Guest

    theta00k, Jul 30, 2003
  4. HC

    D. Thomas Guest

    My wife (does most of the driving; it's her car) and I own a 2001
    XG300L (the first year of production). Overall we have been very
    pleased with the car. With 33,000 miles on it we have had only a few
    minor problems. Main difference between the 2001 XG300L and the newer
    XG350 is just a larger engine. I would say that the "L" model upgrade
    is definitely worth the money for the added features (heated seats,
    memory seats, sun roof, CD Changer in the trunk).

    So far my wife loves the car, previously drove several Ford Taurus's
    for 13 years. Resale is not that important if you plan on keeping the
    car. In addition, I believe that the resale value will improve on all
    current (2001 and later) as their track record continues to show

    Consumer Reports likes the car but says that it drives like a big old
    buick. That is fine with me, I like to watch NASCAR, not pretend to be
    a NASCAR driver.

    Highly recommend the car.
    D. Thomas, Jul 30, 2003
  5. HC

    K R Guest

    RUN don't walk from the dealer. The reason you will get a great deal
    is because this car is so poor in quality that they are HAVING to give
    them away to sell them. This is the worst car I have ever owned. I
    have a 2002 XG350L with 12000 miles. Bought brand new and has been
    into the dealer 7 times and they still cannot fix the bogging/lunging
    accelerator. I would not ever recommend this car to anyone, even my
    worst enemy.

    Good points:
    Big trunk with pass-through.
    Good vision all around - no bad blind spots.
    No frames on door windows - easy to keep clean.
    Shocks to hold hood open.
    Good ride.
    Roomy interior. Big back seat.
    Pollen filter / automatic exhaust-odor-switch to interior air.
    Great projector beam headlights.
    Good sunshades - even blocks sun from the side.
    Good stereo.
    Big sideview mirrors that fold away when parked.
    Side mirrors dip to see curb when reversing (see bad points note
    Rear seat ventilation (see bad points note below).
    Good brakes - stops quickly.
    Good acceleration for a big heavy car.
    Fairly quiet interior.
    Rear doors open wide.

    Bad Points:
    Rough idle.
    Paint -almost ANYTHING will mark/spoil the paint - the sun roof wind
    deflector will make marks INTO the paint - leaves on the surface will
    make a "shadow" mark into the paint - its like this car has no
    No paint sprayed (or oversprayed) onto the interior of the trunk -
    just primer - did they run out of paint at the factory?
    Low mileage - about 15 to 16 MPG..
    Autochromatic mirror does not have a manual override (needed for
    daytime glare).
    Accelerator pedal drive-by-wire absolutely horrible.
    Automatic dipping mirrors do not completely return to their home
    position if engine is shut off while they are moving.
    Vanity mirrors do not light if engine is not running.
    Vanity mirrors only have one bulb and it is of too low wattage.
    Trip computer cannot display average MPG. If it knows gallons left in
    tank (which it does) and can compute the distance to empty (which it
    does) why is average MPG not provided in display?
    Rear seat ventilation needs its own fan with speed control.
    Automatic climate control fan speeds have a mind of their own - change
    constantly. The "fan delay until engine provides heat" function does
    not work after car has been sitting during the day. The fan comes on
    immediately and blasts cold air. When the car is started cold in the
    morning the heat is delayed coming on even when the car shows it is
    fully warmed up.
    Car feels heavy and ponderous - steering is heavy and slow.
    Lot of wind noise through sunroof and windows when they are open.
    Steering is dead - cannot trust that the car is going where you steer.
    Not enough directional control for A/C vents. They need more
    adjustment range so they do not blow air onto passenger or driver.
    Displays wash out in sunlight including the dashboard.
    Parking brake needs to be of more modern style - a pull-handle - not a
    foot pedal.
    Transmission shifts poorly one moment and correctly the next - no
    consistency, it is especially bad shifting into fifth gear or when
    driving in hot stop and go traffic - slams into gear.
    Slippery steering wheel - the fake wood may look pretty but it is too
    The Auto function of power driver's seat will not work unless you set
    the parking brake. What good is "automatic" if you must do something
    else to get it to "automatically" work.
    K R, Aug 8, 2003
  6. Really. My lowly Elantra has a feature the mighty KG350 does not?
    Jerry Kindall, Aug 8, 2003
  7. HC

    sweetie Guest

    I own a 2002 XG350L and love it. While reading everyone's comments,
    you have to remember that every car is different. I bought a 1987
    Honda Civil LX and it was a piece of crap. It was at the dealer more
    than I actually drove it. But alot of other people love their Hondas,
    its just one of those things that happens when we buy cars.

    I was recently a Saturn owner for 7 years, no problems with the car,
    but felt it was time to get a more luxurious car. I bought the XG

    *Big car
    *lots of features
    *looks like a Jaguar
    *classy styling/feels like luxury
    *everyone does really say "This is a Hyundai"
    *great dealership

    I've only had the car since Nov. 02, and I had 2 accidents, both where
    someone else hit me. The car had to be fixed and it's still running

    I sent to see the 04 model the other day - they changed the back
    styling and the front grill and lights. Everything else is the same as
    the 2002 and 2003.

    It's a great car for the money.

    sweetie, Aug 9, 2003
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