2006 Sonata 4 cyl gas mileage

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by Matt Whiting, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Matt Whiting

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Well, some good news on the gas mileage front. It appears that my
    Sonata is responding well to the warmer weather we've had lately (50s
    and 60s). The last two fill-ups have been higher than previous tanks
    and the last tank broke the magic 30 MPG mark that I've been hoping for.
    I can't call a trend on two data points, but things are looking more
    promising. I also just changed the oil at the 5,000 mile mark (initial
    change was at 2,500) and used Mobil 1 5W-30 rather than dino oil.
    Here's the mileage log thus far:

    Date Mileage Gallons Miles MPG MPG Notes
    12/27/2005 184
    1/3/2006 575 14.46 391 27.04 27.04
    1/7/2006 903 11.16 328 29.39 28.06
    1/15/2006 1312 15.14 409 27.01 27.67
    1/26/2006 1727 15.43 415 26.90 27.46
    2/5/2006 2156 14.85 429 28.89 27.76
    2/11/2006 2482 12.61 326 25.85 27.47
    2/22/2006 2903 15.42 421 27.30 27.45
    2/27/2006 3266 13.33 363 27.23 27.42
    3/13/2006 3694 15.38 428 27.83 27.47
    3/24/2006 4094 14.9 400 26.85 27.40
    4/5/2006 4542 15.68 448 28.57 27.52 Warmer weather
    4/13/2006 5012 15.15 470 31.02 27.83 Mobil 1
    Matt Whiting, Apr 13, 2006
  2. Matt Whiting

    hyundaitech Guest

    Out of curiosity, what sort of driving do you do (city/hwy), and do you
    have the automatic or manual trans?

    The chart above serves as an excellent example for anyone tracking their
    fuel economy (see thread 8 posts down).

    Speaking of which, I'm also curious what you do for a living, Matt. You
    obviously know a significant amount about cars and also about scientific
    hyundaitech, Apr 14, 2006
  3. Matt Whiting

    Matt Whiting Guest

    I mostly commute to work with the Sonata. My drive is about 20 miles
    each way, with about 14 of that being highway. The remainder is on
    secondary roads where I can drive about 40 mph. I do very little true
    city driving, with only 5 stoplights between my house and my office. I
    do drive into town for lunch most days, but even that is only a few miles.

    I keep a log in each of my vehicles and I record every fuel purchase and
    almost always fill the tank each time so I can keep a running fuel
    mileage. It is a good way to detect many problems with a car.

    I'm an electrical engineer/computer scientist (have both BSCS and BSEE).
    Well, more accurately these days, I manage an engineering department
    for a large company. The department has responsibility for measurement
    and control systems in support of our R&D and early stage product
    development efforts.

    I'm a car (and motorcycle and airplane) enthusiast and paid my way
    through college working for my uncle who owned a logging company. He
    did virtually all of his own equipment repairs, including engine,
    transmission and differential rebuilds so I got a lot of hands on
    mechanical work. I've had no formal training in either diesel or
    gasoline engines, but have picked up a fair bit through experience.

    I don't do much hands on engineering anymore, but am taking graduate
    courses in structural engineering to keep my brain somewhat active. :)

    Matt Whiting, Apr 14, 2006
  4. Matt Whiting

    hyundaitech Guest

    I'll say that you seem both more literate and more scientifically aware
    than most engineers I know. And that's a wonderful thing.
    hyundaitech, Apr 14, 2006
  5. Matt Whiting

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Well, I generally don't admit to being an engineer unless someone asks.
    People often don't know how to interpret what it means. :)

    I think the literacy part comes from having attended high school many
    years ago before being illiterate was considered acceptable. I also
    love to read and that helps as well.

    Matt Whiting, Apr 15, 2006
  6. Matt Whiting

    Barry Scott Guest

    I started keeping better records after a similar posting in January. So
    here's what I've got for a GLS 4-cylinder automatic. This is almost all
    commuting which is about 35 miles, four-lane all the way, but about 15
    miles are in the city with some slow-go construction areas. I'm still
    waiting for that long road trip...

    Date Mileage Gallons Miles MPG
    1/29 2562
    2/10 3001 15.55 439 28.23
    2/21 3423 15.28 421.7 27.60
    2/27 3799* 14.06 376.6 26.79
    3/6 4214 15.16 415 27.37
    3/15 4636 15.60 421.6 27.03
    3/22 5062 15.00 425.5 28.37
    3/30 5483 15.20 421.8 27.75

    *1st oil change at 3551

    That averages out at just a shade over 27. I'll be interested to see how
    the warmer weather effects things for me. I've barely touched the
    temperature controls over the last few months with mostly mild weather,
    but have started running the A/C quite a bit this week with temps in the
    upper 70s to low 80s. That will become more of a constant as summer
    approaches here in Alabama.
    Barry Scott, Apr 15, 2006
  7. Matt Whiting

    Bob Adkins Guest

    I'm sure you have heard the old saying:

    "You call always tell an engineer, but you can't tell him much". :)
    Bob Adkins, Apr 15, 2006
  8. Matt Whiting

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Another one I use often myself with my colleagues is "Often wrong, but
    never in doubt!" :)

    Matt Whiting, Apr 15, 2006
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