2006 Sonata extra keyless remote

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by gerry, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. gerry

    gerry Guest

    I recently purchased an 2006 Sonata GLS and love it so far. Part of the
    deal was an extra remote, I find 3 useful.

    My deal says the car4 can only learn two remotes at a time. I have never
    had such a restriction, my Jeep can learn 8 at a time!

    I wonder if this is a true restriction (seems over restrictive) or the
    programming instruction s the dealer has just covers two?


    gerry, Jan 4, 2006
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  2. gerry

    hyundaitech Guest

    The dealer is exactly correct. Two remotes maximum. We've had that issue
    here a couple times where the salesman unknowingly promised an extra
    remote (or more). Most likely that's what happened with you. You can
    probably take the remote back and get some sort of refund for the extra
    remote (since you cannot use it). If you've got more than two people
    using the vehicle, consider not locking with the remote. That way you'll
    still be able to unlock and start with the key alone.
    hyundaitech, Jan 4, 2006
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  3. gerry

    gerry Guest

    [original post is likely clipped to save bandwidth]
    Guess that is one brain dead thing in the design even if it affects few
    persons. To presume there will never be more than two drivers or one
    doesn't wasn't a 3 for service... seems a tad silly.

    At least the 2006 has an option (default): Arm/Disarm By Key: This feature
    allows arming and disarming the alarm system using the key.

    TSB 05-90-008

    Thus key only appears to be able to be mixed with remote usage.

    gerry, Jan 5, 2006
  4. gerry

    hyundaitech Guest

    Well, you've taught me something, Gerry. I didn't even realize that was an
    option. I probably skimmed the bulletin and missed it or just simply
    forgot that was one of the new programmable features.
    hyundaitech, Jan 5, 2006
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