2006 Tucson Horn Location?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Tucson' started by Greg, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Greg

    Greg Guest

    I know - it's a strange question, but I'd like to know exactly where
    they hide the horns on this vehicle, and how to get at them. I've got
    this great looking black SUV that has horns that sound like they came
    off a 2-stroke dirt bike! I'd like to replace them.

    Can anyone help me with this one? Thanks!

    Greg, Sep 7, 2006
  2. Greg

    hyundaitech Guest

    There's a horn under each headlamp.
    hyundaitech, Sep 7, 2006
  3. Greg

    Deck Guest

    OK...now, I changed the horn on my 2003 Elantra and now Iwant to chagethe
    horn on my 06 Sonata...Tech, where is it?? it sounds like a little
    beeper car
    Deck, Sep 12, 2006
  4. Greg

    hyundaitech Guest

    There's one below the left headlamp and another behind the grille.
    hyundaitech, Sep 12, 2006
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