2009 santa fe diesel auto

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by del42, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. del42


    Feb 4, 2020
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    Can anyone advise me on the following issue I have experienced this week with my santa fe 2009 front wheel drive diesel automatic?

    driving at high speed on motorway car hits a pot hole in road and shortly after car lacks power when applying accelator pedal it seems to be unable to catch a gear especially on steep hills alternatively when going downhill it has a new lease of life and accelerates as normal then ok for a short while then when stopping at junction and continuing from standstill very sluggish through gears 1to3 seems to idle fine no issues with noise from engine no dash warning light fluids all look ok when revving low it seems able to catch a gear again and albeit slow continues to accelerate as normal going into someone who knows more than I do tomorrow but would be very grateful to anyone out there in the know who may have experienced something similar and may save me time and money,

    Kind Regards del 42
    del42, Feb 4, 2020
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