2011 Models: When ? (and, a thanks for all the previous help)

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Bob, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Bob

    Bob Guest


    First, thanks to all for all the very good info from my previous posts.
    Appreciate it very much.

    Any idea when the new model 2011 will start appearing ?

    Bob, Feb 11, 2010
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  2. Bob

    Voyager Guest

    My dealer already has what looked like a 2011 Sonata. I didn't get up
    close to it as it was in the garage undergoing, I'm surmising, dealer
    prep. It did look better in person than in the pictures, but it is
    going to take some getting used to.

    It looks like the visibility will be much poorer than my 2006, but then
    almost all new cars seem to have visibility that sucks. I guess
    everyone is copying the "gangster" look that Chrysler started with the 300.

    I much prefer a lower beltline and taller windows than appears to now be
    in vogue on new cars.

    Voyager, Feb 11, 2010
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  3. Bob

    Clive Guest

    I would suspect that the "lower windows" is part of the design to reduce
    drag, therefore increasing mpg.
    Clive, Feb 12, 2010
  4. Bob

    Ed Pawlowski Guest

    It also has to do with side impact crash standards. It is easier to put the
    needed strength in the higher doors. I've not been in one of the Chrysler
    cars, but to me, they look ugly with the short windows
    Ed Pawlowski, Feb 12, 2010
  5. Bob

    Voyager Guest

    I don't think so as the overall height of the cars isn't much if any
    less, it is just that the beltline is higher now.

    Voyager, Feb 12, 2010
  6. Bob

    Voyager Guest

    Yes, I suspect that is one of the reasons, but I think simply style is
    the other. I think almost all of the cars with the short windows look
    ugly, although the cars like the Camaro and Challenger look OK that way.
    The new Hyundai isn't as ugly as the Chrysler, but it sure has shorter
    windows than my 06, at least judging from a distance.

    Voyager, Feb 12, 2010
  7. Bob

    John Guest

    Probably be the opposite to you blokes in the USA but in Australia I find
    smaller windows let in less heat. Prefer the larger window looks but harder
    on the ventilation/aircon
    John, Feb 12, 2010
  8. Bob

    Voyager Guest

    This could certainly be a concern for parts of the US, however, often
    heavily tinted windows are the solution to that problem.

    Voyager, Feb 13, 2010
  9. Bob

    Ed Pawlowski Guest

    The color of the car makes quite a difference too. My silver blue was much
    cooler in the summer than the two previous cars, a dark green and burgundy
    one. In the southwest, white is a very common color. I've never had a
    black car, nor do I want one. Present car is dark cherry. Sure shows the
    dirt more too.

    As for tint, some states do have restriction on the front windows as to how
    dark they can be. Police want to be able to see you and be sure you have no
    Ed Pawlowski, Feb 13, 2010
  10. Bob

    Clive Guest

    In the UK, it's illegal to have either windscreen or front door windows
    Clive, Feb 13, 2010
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