2011 Sonata Seatbelt and Chime constant!

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by Pocketmom92, Jan 4, 2020.

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    Jan 4, 2020
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    2011 hyundai sonata. Please forgive my lack of car mechanic verbiage and knowledge.. So I bought my car used about 11 months ago from a stranger on facebook, and about 4 wks later (at about 150000 miles), had the engine seize. Hyundai replaced the engine under recall. But thats all probably irrelevant. I had no problems for a few months until one day I noticed my driver door was not locking. That of course bugged me but it really became a problem a week or so later when I couldnt get the key out of the ignition one afternoon. With the combo of the door and the key I felt I was begging for it to be stolen or at least a dead battery... So I called my local hyundai dealer and they proceeded to tell me that it would cost 150 bucks just to diagnose the ignition. Im a single mom and there was no way I could afford that just to be told whats wrong and not even fix the problem.. so I googled it and found a video of a guy pulling the yellow fuse? or relay? In the fuse box next to steering wheel. And that solved the key issue for the moment. Plus a few days later i realized that i could use my key to lock the driver door if i used a little force. So for a moment everything was alright. Until last night I started my car and both the driver and pass seatbelt warning indicator lights are flashing fast and nonstop and the warning chime is dinging constantly. And Im talking CONSTANTLY. Even though I buckled up and i buckled passenger. But also, there is a ticking noise that is like synced with the seatbelt lights flashing thats coming from the dash area. I want to say the tick is coming from the fuse area next to the steering wheel but at the same time it changes depending on whether or not that relay/fuse thing is plugged in and at what position the key is in. And another thing is that when I turn off the car and plug the relay back in the ticking doesnt stop and the security light on the dash by the windsheild flashes constantly along with the ticking noise. And lastly I noticed the interior lights and even park brake lights they flash with the tick. I have a mechanic friend thats willing to help me but said he has a few places he could start but asked me to see if I can find any info on this problem. I can find some similar posts but nothing exactly like my issue, mostly because my car starts and runs like a champ. Im just hoping it stays that way. Thanks in advance
    Pocketmom92, Jan 4, 2020
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