375 HP 4.6L Genesis email sales campaign

Discussion in 'Hyundai Genesis' started by Dr.Colon.Oscopy, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Just recieved a Hyundai email touting the new Genesis. Guess like
    SUV's they've built them, now they have to try to sell them, vroom
    vrooom, ......................Doc
    Dr.Colon.Oscopy, Jun 25, 2008
  2. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    631grant Guest

    Yea, I just got a similar email from them touting that the Genesis can go
    from 0 to 60 in the time it takes to read this sentence. Who gives a
    flying crap? I want to sloooowly accelerate past a few gas stations, not
    stop at every one!!! 375 HP. Come on Hyundai. I wrote to them and told
    them that they are crazy and should line up their marketing research
    department and either fire them all or shoot them all. I sent the same
    letter to Kia. Now I know a few of you (no names necessary) will say that
    as long as you have the money to afford the gas you'll drive anything you
    want but you have to admit that it's nuts to boldly introduce exactly the
    opposite of what MOST people want these days.
    631grant, Jun 26, 2008
  3. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    frijoli Guest

    Yeah you're right. Scrap a project that's almost finished. I'm sure they
    took your well written, smooth language letter and posted it right in
    front of the marketing group.
    Mean while Lexus, BMW, and Infinity are getting ready to go out of business.

    frijoli, Jun 26, 2008
  4. I understand your frustration. But in Hyundai's defense, this "appeared" to
    be exactly what America wanted just a couple of years ago.

    I was wondering when there would be "enough" horsepower, etc. And while
    indeed what one drives is nobody elses business, technological incremental
    improvements through the years have been focused either towards more safety
    or more power, and not towards better gas mileage. That changed literally
    at the snap of a finger, and the auto makers are scrambling big time to
    catch up, because few apparently saw this coming.

    Indeed, just a few months ago, I picked up a "new" year old small car
    (actually a Kia Spectra) that had just been sitting on the dealer's lot. I
    got an incredibly good deal on it to "get it off their lot." Now just a few
    short months later, they are able to command pretty close to full price for
    every small car they have, they are in such demand.

    But my point is that demand only materialized rather recently and made both
    cars like this and huge SUV's (at least for people who don't need them for
    towing, etc.) rather obsolete.
    Rev. Tom Wenndt, Jun 26, 2008
  5. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Steve R. Guest

    If I follow the logic correctly, then we should be able to steal the Genesis
    and get took for the 4 cyls?

    I agree, it was what America wanted awhile ago. With the fuel prices where
    they are now, you can't touch a 3-4 banger. My Sonata sits in the garage and
    we use the missus' Jeep for now. Hank- sound familiar???

    Where's my Yugo?

    Steve (quietly hoping to trade up to a Genesis, if the price is right!)

    2008 Sonata SE- His
    2005 Grand Cherokee Laredo- Hers

    Steve R., Jun 26, 2008
  6. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Willy Guest

    Yea but you know, even the V8 version is producing 27mpg... not bad eh?

    Just saw it on the cover of Car & Driver.

    Willy, Jun 27, 2008
  7. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Willy Guest

    Allow me to correct myself. It's 25mpg for the big 8cyl... still a notable
    accomplishment for that much horsepower, and better than I get on my 6cyl
    Chevy Equinox.

    Willy, Jun 27, 2008
  8. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Steve R. Guest

    Steve R., Jun 27, 2008
  9. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Willy Guest

    Believe it or not, my 04 Impala (which is a full size car) delivers 30 MPG
    almost all the time (on highway driving, which is about 90% of my
    driving)... and has NEVER delivered less than 26 in all town driving.

    I'm not that crazy about the car, but I keep hanging on because it's large
    with a big trunk (I'm a salesmen) hasn't caused me any mechanical headaches,
    and has mileage as good as anything available, especially for the size.

    Willy, Jun 28, 2008
  10. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Bob Adkins Guest

    You must keep in mind the Genesis is not for everyone. It's for the
    few that can afford the high $35-$45 initial price, and those who are
    willing to trade off 25mpg for high level comfort and performance.
    Obviously the Genesis is not for you.

    Bob Adkins, Jun 29, 2008
  11. Becoming a bit less subltle then that a these days wouldn't you
    Dr.Colon.Oscopy, Jun 30, 2008
  12. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Willy Guest

    Actually it could have easily been for me until the recent spike in gasoline

    With that now appearing to be a permanent change, I'm seriously thinking
    about a VW Jetta Diesel, which when driven right in great conditions can
    actually produce 47 MPG and there's no batteries to worry about.

    Willy, Jun 30, 2008
  13. Or, for the same cost per mile, a 37 mpg gas powered car. That additional
    buck a gallon more for diesel really sucks.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Jun 30, 2008
  14. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Willy Guest

    Diesel is only 50 cents a gallon higher in my neck of the woods, at the most
    75. Even with the increase in cost, the longevity of a diesel and with many
    owners reporting 50 mpg makes it second only to the Prius (based on an
    article I just read at an automotive site).

    Willy, Jul 2, 2008
  15. Here in CT we get hosed on taxes. Diesel was a buck higher but is now 90¢

    As for longevity, many do last much longer than gas engines, but some have
    proven to be less reliable over time. I don't know about the TDI. VW does
    have a lot of experience with them though. Remember the Rabbit? You could
    always tell the diesel from the black soot up the back end.

    I'm wondering if the Prius owners will be a happy bunch in five years as the
    batteries start to fail. Or what the resale value of one at that age will
    be even if otherwise in good condition.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Jul 3, 2008
  16. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    nothermark Guest

    I lloked it up yesterday out of curiosity. 8 year battery warranty,
    $3000 to replace. I was surprised at the life until I read that they
    never fully charge or discharge the cells to achieve this. Probably
    why they void the warranty if you modify to plug them into the wall at
    night. Google it if you are interested.

    nothermark, Jul 4, 2008
  17. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Willy Guest

    That's the same thing I'm wondering about Prius owners... what WILL you do
    when the batteries start to fail??? I've read something recently that
    suggests eventually (and soon) a "lease" option will be available for the
    batteries. The article also pointed out that even when the batteries are no
    longer useful in the car, they still have over 80% of their usable life
    remaining, and could be used in a variety of applications. But it didn't
    say what those applications could be.

    Based on everything I've read over the last few years, the VW TDI is so
    clean it even exceeds California requirements... produces virtually no
    smoke or soot unlike the diesels of old (including my 1984 MB 300D) and
    offers quick starts and few problems in cold weather.

    I plan to go check out the new 09 version at the dealer tomorrow. They're
    taking orders, but won't commit to a delivery date, only saying, come drive
    the one we have on the lot (which is loaded with advertisements about being
    green and high mileage).

    Willy, Jul 4, 2008
  18. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Willy Guest

    Did that 8 years also have a mileage limitation?

    Willy, Jul 4, 2008
  19. Dr.Colon.Oscopy

    Wayne Moses Guest

    I do. I am lining up to get the Coupe SE when it comes out.
    Hyundai makes cars that do that just for you -- called the Accent.

    Besides, all cars -- even the Bugatti Veyron -- can accelerate slowly
    past gas stations. Depends on the driver. Not all can perform like the
    Genesis and even none like the Veyron.
    Hahahah ..., and the bait has been set. Lets go with what the masses
    want, eh? I am all for making more fuel efficient cars and reducing
    our dependence on ME oil, but there must always be a choice because
    not all of us see a car as a transportation appliance.
    Wayne Moses, Aug 5, 2008
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