accent 2000 1.5 gs intake upgrade & header

Discussion in 'Hyundai Accent' started by shynova52, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. shynova52

    shynova52 Guest

    tring to find a cold air intake or ram air intake for my accent 2000
    1.5eng. under 100$ and bigger headers under 200$
    shynova52, Dec 27, 2004
  2. shynova52

    Sligo Guest

    Inquire of dealer or mfr.
    Seamus J.Wilson
    Sligo, Dec 27, 2004
  3. shynova52

    hyundaitech Guest

    I think you're probably wasting your time on this engine. Hyundai had a
    1.5 DOHC for a couple of years that had no noticeable power improvement
    over the 12v SOHC.
    hyundaitech, Dec 27, 2004
  4. Question for the group re problem with a 1998 Accent. Since fitting 175/65
    X14 Michelin Tyres I have a problem whereby I get a noise like squealing
    tyres when turning to the right normally even at low speed and is more
    prominent when the roadway is hot - app 100 degrees F, (it is summer where I
    live). Suspected the tyres until it did the same thing on gravel?? Tyres do
    not touch anywhere, wheel bearings have no detectable play. any theories

    Thanks and sorry for busting in on your conversation.
    Vic Neethling, Dec 27, 2004
  5. shynova52

    hyundaitech Guest

    Are you sure they don't touch anything when cornering? It's possible they
    won't touch anything when sitting still and still make contact when
    additional forces are put on the suspension.
    hyundaitech, Dec 27, 2004

  6. I have looked all over for marks where something might be touching and
    nothing seems to be amiss. Mud flaps where my first guess but even they
    don't come closer than 1/2 inch to the tyres and are also mark free. If it
    was causing this sound at fair speeds I could understand the problem but it
    is happenning at speeds even lower than10 MPH.>
    Vic Neethling, Dec 28, 2004
  7. I'd try replacing the power steering belt.
    screwtape iii, Dec 28, 2004
  8. shynova52

    S25 Guest

    Good idea - but before replacing the belt, I'd check the
    belt tension.

    S25, Dec 29, 2004
  9. Sorry guys, the car does not have power steering.
    Vic Neethling, Dec 30, 2004
  10. shynova52

    S25 Guest

    On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 20:52:26 +0200, "Vic Neethling"

    Well - its gotta belt somewhere!! Check that it (the belt)
    ain't squeeling. And check that the belt tensioner (or belt idler)
    hasn't gone 'belly up'.
    Loose belts squeel.

    S25, Dec 31, 2004
  11. S25 I know that loose belts squeal but all belts are tight and the
    alternator belt would not squeal when negotiating right hand turns. Anyway,
    a great new year to all you Hyundai owners out there. Except for this minor
    problem I have not had any glitches on the Accent in 100 000 miles and 7
    years running at summer temperatures of 100-125 degrees and winters at
    70-90. Tyre wear average 40000 miles since the 175/65X14's were fitted and
    the exhaust is still as from the factory.
    Vic Neethling, Dec 31, 2004
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