Accent 2014 GDI 1.6 Need help all in info in post

Discussion in 'Hyundai Accent' started by Dvidix, Mar 24, 2024.

  1. Dvidix


    Mar 24, 2024
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    Actually last week I change my engine oil (after maybe 80k km(yes it’s a lot I know),
    But the day after the oil filter got loose, so I got a heavy oil leak for maybe 5km before I was able to put new oil in the engine and get the oil filter right in place.

    1.6GDI 2014 actually no tunings.

    I was able to drive for around 2-3 hours before I stop to eat.

    Trying to start my engine again and it didn’t get any gas at this time so I get it towed and I change (in order);

    (P0191) fuel pump assembly (didn’t resolve the issue at all)
    (P0087) High pressure fuel pump (didn’t resolve too)
    (P0087) Crankshaft Position sensor (was able to drive for around 25km before it’s stalled again)
    (P008Fuel rail pressure sensor (my engine now start for around 5 minutes before its stalled, if I got higher to 3000rpm and I stop giving gas it’s stalled immediately)

    i am able to start it for a few minutes after 6-8hours for a few minutes before it’s stalled and I need to wait again.

    Spark plug and injector are fine, fuel pump is new, high pressure fuel pump received gas, VVT selonoid (actually not sure if it’s the name) are both clean, engine oil and filter are brand new, battery give 12.4V at max capacity, alternator give 14.8V(or something like that) when the engine run, ODO is actually exactly 234597Km.

    In the ODB scan I can’t got any frozen frames and it’s ONLY gave me P0087, P0191, P0453

    Anybody have a clues of what my issue can be??

    Actually it made a full week I’m stuck in a forest road and the closest city is 20km.

    I have all the needed tools to unmount any parts of my engine
    Dvidix, Mar 24, 2024
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