Accord owner considering Sonata V6Lx-very nervous

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by Robin, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. Robin

    Robin Guest

    To save money, I'm considering breaking away from the Honda Accord V6
    ExL I have always leased (for 3 yrs) in the past (and enjoyed with no
    need for repairs other than regular maintenance). Now I'm looking to
    purchase a car.

    I've always had the perception, not based on any personal experiernce of
    my own or that of anyone I know, that Hyundai is of low quality.

    I've read the posts on this board, including the thread from the person
    who cannot express how happy they are with the car I'm considering - but
    the car is new.

    I understand about the warranty, but am spoiled, and don't want a need
    to have to use it. I'm curious why you all have purchased your Hyundai
    with the reputation that is out there, and anything you can tell me to
    help calm my anxieties about this car. I'm not hard on a car, do
    routine maintenance, 80% city driving, 20% hwy, and if this is relevant,
    live in So. Calif (so Orange County).

    I posted a request for feedback on a consumers newsgroup and you can
    imagine the feedback I got (friends and relatives who recently purchased
    the car that hate it, lists of repairs, that the car will die long
    before the warranty is over, no resale value, expensive costs of repair).

    Will appreciate your feedback.
    Robin, Dec 27, 2003
  2. Robin

    Rob Rust Guest

    You should carefully consider your impending move from Honda to any other
    manufacturer. I have owned a Honda Accord and more recently a 2003 Hyundai
    Sonata Lx (which my wife adores). In favor of the Honda I would say are the

    bullet proof reliability
    high resale value
    solid ride and well engineered car

    However, a Hyndai Sonata offers the following:

    Vastly improved reliability (placining third on CR list of mid sized sedans
    after 24 months of ownership);
    Fantastic value
    Styling (that appeals to some) and
    Solid engineering

    I think the biggest diffference is resale value. Providing you intend to
    hold your car for 7-10 years the difference in resale value as a percentage
    of original cost will be neglible. In short, if you are a only slightly risk
    adverse the Sonata is a better deal for the money. However, if you don't
    want to worry about it choose the Honda, pay the high cost and don't worry
    about it.

    Just my thoughts!
    Rob Rust, Dec 28, 2003
  3. Robin

    Briggs Guest

    As others here have said, if you have ANY doubts, don't go with Hyundai. Any
    problem, large or small will only make you nuts. That said, in the past 20
    years I've owned a new '82 Honda Prelude, 2 used Honda Accords ('85 and
    '87), a 4 year old '89 Acura Legend, and currently a new 2002 XG350. The
    Hyundai is my favorite car by far - even more so than the Legend. It's
    quieter, smoother, and feels more luxurious to me. I test drove an Infinity,
    a Sentra, a V6 Accord, and the day before I purchased the Hyundai, I also
    test drove a '02 Legend. I still preferred the Hyundai over all. Is it as
    good as a Lexus? Probably not. Has it been trouble free? No - there have
    been minor electrical problems along the way. I've had a battery replaced, a
    dome light replaced, an oxygen sensor replaced, and the air bag light has
    gone on twice. I still have no regrets. It helps that the dealer is 10
    minutes away and is always responsive. The 10 year upgraded bumper to bumper
    warranty (which includes a rental car) and a review in the AAA magazine the
    year I purchased the car made a big difference in swaying me. If I had to
    travel an hour for service, or had a difficult dealer, that might be another

    Good luck,
    Briggs, Dec 29, 2003
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