Any SANTA FE owners with close to 100,000 miles yet ???

Discussion in 'Hyundai Santa Fe' started by Dave in Lake Villa, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Ive got a 2002 Santa Fe with 31,000 miles on it, and, its just as tight
    and rattle free as the day i brought it home. Just wondering how they
    are with alot of miles on them, and, what problems people have had up
    to the warranty expiration ? Would you buy another Santa Fe ? Have you
    grown tired of the styling ? Thanks.
    Dave in Lake Villa, Nov 5, 2006
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  2. Dave in Lake Villa

    JS Guest

    108k on my 01 GLS. Our 03.0 LX has about 85k on it.

    As for rattles, heres what I've got:

    A> Cheap aftermarket single-DIN-to-double-DIN converter for the stereo
    rattles (Not Hyundai's fault).

    B> Rear window clamp rattles on severe washboard dirt roads. Visual
    check says the plastic window latch mechanism is wearing out. The 03 LX
    uses metal in this location and doesn't have a problem. Worst case

    C> Mild 'clunk' in the front end going over larger potholes. I haven't
    fully investigated the issue but it appears from looking at
    it couldn't cost more than $175 to fix (or as little as $14, if its just
    a crappy ball joint)


    Now, I do have what sounds like a couple bent exhaust valves on my
    engine. That likely has a lot to do with the dealership in Nacogdoches,
    TX screwing up some service work on the timing belt assembly (replaced
    the pulley on the crankshaft) and causing my car to jump 4 teeth of time
    while on the road. Unluckily all that was done about it was a re-time
    and a "its running ok" which seems like a 'sufficient repair' to HMA and
    the two dealerships involved. I was driving it at the time of failure
    and I can assure you pistons were slapping valves based on the noises I

    The fuel economy is good (23-25 average) and it doesn't seem to burn oil
    so its a tough call. I just wish it didn't sound like a broken-down
    lawn tractor on cold start.

    Luckily complete head assemblies for the 2.7 can be found for $150-200.
    I doubt theres significant bottom-end damage on my engine. It might
    need one rod+piston, but that'd be it.

    As for our 03 LX, theres really no rattles/squeeks inside it except
    something to do with the rear passenger side seat belt re-tensioner. It
    only occasionally rattles and can always be shut up by pulling on the
    seatbelt a time or two. We've had basically no service work done on the

    JS, Nov 6, 2006
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  3. Thanks for the update JS. Rattles can be a big annoyance, especially
    if you like to drive (often) without the radio on . Dave
    Dave in Lake Villa, Nov 8, 2006
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