Any Tucson owners out there?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Tucson' started by Greg, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Greg

    Greg Guest

    This Newsgroup seems to be very light on Tucson ?'s. Does that mean there
    aren't many of us out there? Or, is the Tucson not selling well?
    Greg, Mar 12, 2007
  2. Greg

    RobertHenne Guest

    I think its selling fine in my area. Wash, DC. I have had mine for a
    few weeks and so far I really like it. Just over 1000 miles and avg
    19 mpg so far with a lot of city driving.
    RobertHenne, Mar 12, 2007
  3. I have a ’06 2.7L and live in WV. I avg 19mpg anywhere I drive, be it
    city, rural country roads or interstate. Anyone know where the oil
    filter is located? It is coming up on 3500m and is due for a chang
    jeffphillips69, Mar 14, 2007
  4. Go to and sign up for a free account. Go to "Site
    Requirements" and be sure you have the free Adobe picture viewer. You will
    be able to find the filter, wiring diagrams, component locations,
    specifications, troubleshooting, and a lot of other good information.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Mar 14, 2007
  5. Greg

    Hammbone Guest

    I think the reason you don't see any posts is they are worry free! I have
    not had ANY worries with mine so far..
    Hammbone, Mar 14, 2007
  6. I just bought a 2007 SE with heated seats, sunroof, 6 CD changer and a
    week after we had it we got a foot of snow covered in ice. So out we
    went out in it & I could not get it to fishtail, the ESC was flashing
    away & I slammed on the brakes to spin it in a KMart parking lot that
    was empty and the ABS pump kicked in. WOW! No salide,fishtail, just
    stop. She showed me I am safe in her. The lumbar seat with heat on a
    -16 degree day is one way to start it out right. And how fast the
    heat inside kicks in is amazing. Mirrors melted in 3 minutes as

    I keep my headlights with foglights on as many Ohio drivers do so
    freeway as well as streets you are seen! Get out of the car & all
    lights go off! That's Hyundai, never a dead battery!

    Tearful good bye to my 2002 Sante Fe which was a great auto but my
    Tucson is being treated like a millionaire with plenty of folks
    staring at me & I wave at them thru the open sunroof. Only problem
    was stopping under a freeway entrance sign with 7 pigeons on it & we
    got pooped on! What a laugh that was!!!!

    It has their weird odometer, with trip milage, tells you how many
    miles you can drive til fillup, MPG (19.5 and I am coming up on 500
    miles). even a clock in military time that I used as a cop. The fold
    down seats with no removing headrests as I had to do with the Sante Fe
    is great. The new style of grocery bag holder is great also. Then th
    ultimate: kick husband into back seat behidn me as I ought a cherry
    tree & it fit from the dashboard on the back of the front seat folded
    down, out the back window! Saved me $75 bringing it home vs delivery.
    The Awesome 1, Mar 17, 2007
  7. Why wait? Set the seat switch to "on", set the defroster on in case of
    frost, and use a remote starter. Most can also be programmed to turn on the
    rear defroster.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Mar 17, 2007
  8. Greg

    Greg Guest

    Count me as another happy '06 Tucson owner, and as another Greg. Mine is a
    GLS, AWD, automatic. I've had it since May, it has just gone through its
    15,000 mile service, and I'm averaging 21mpg with the 6 cyl.

    It's been great all winter. I love it.

    Greg, Mar 19, 2007
  9. Greg

    Mark Guest

    I bought an '05 LX V6 (all options except sunroof & 4WD) from a co-
    worker who had it for 18 months & 6100 miles. No issues. Smooth daily
    driver & musical instrument hauler.
    Mark, Mar 23, 2007
  10. Greg

    Mark Guest

    I take back the "no issues" comment. My ONE issue: 6CD changer does
    not play MP3s. Boo hoo!
    Mark, Mar 23, 2007
  11. My '07 Sonata with the Infinity 6 CD changer does. Of course, electronics
    change every three days to something new so that may be the difference.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Apr 3, 2007
  12. How many MPG's are you Tucson owners getting and with what size engine
    ? Do u find its big enough inside for your needs ? u find the
    acceleration to be adequate ? Thanks.
    Dave in Lake Villa, Apr 4, 2007
  13. Greg

    Greg Guest

    (Dave in Lake Villa) wrote in :
    I have the V6 automatic and only get in the high teens driving about 75%
    highway. The MPG is my only gripe. Acceleration is fine and we are very
    pleased with its storage capacity and other hauling capabilities.
    Greg, Apr 6, 2007
  14. Greg

    Wayne Moses Guest

    Hello Greg,

    G> I have the V6 automatic and only get in the high teens driving about
    G> 75% highway. The MPG is my only gripe. Acceleration is fine and we
    G> are very pleased with its storage capacity and other hauling
    G> capabilities.

    The question that immediately comes to my mind is how fast do you drive when
    on the highway? Could also be that you are in a lot of stop and go traffic
    when in the city?

    High teens seems quite poor, especially when the EPA estimates for the FWD
    and 4WD are 20/26 and 19/24, respecitively, city/highway.

    Wayne Moses
    Houston, Texa
    Wayne Moses, Apr 8, 2007
  15. Greg

    Greg Guest

    I know mileage may vary, etc., but I've lived and worked at the same
    places for quite some time and driven a variety of vehicles over that
    period. In all cases except the Tucson, my mileage has averaged in the
    upper end of the EPA range. For example my current other vehicle is
    rated at 22-31 and I get 27. As you pointed out the Tucson is rated at
    19-24. I've owned it since November of '05 and driven it 15,000 miles
    with an average MPG of 18.
    Greg, Apr 12, 2007
  16. Greg

    Greg Guest

    I've also got the V6 automatic, AWD, and I am averaging 21.5 mpg. I usually
    put about 20,000 miles per year, combination city/highway. My Tucson is
    currently at 17,000 miles. Acceleration is excellent and it is plenty big
    enough for what I use it for.

    Another Greg
    Greg, Apr 13, 2007
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