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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Partner, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Partner

    Partner Guest

    I have posted before about the fact that my 07 Sonata headlights do not come
    on early enough when it gets dark. I will often turn them on myself when I
    think about it. The other day a local Smokey followed me into a shopping
    center parking lot to tell me that I should turn my headlights on. He was
    polite but I told him that I had auto headlights and that they will
    eventually come on. He said I should get them fixed, I thanked him and he
    drove off. I think that I recall HyundaiTech saying that they are not
    adjustable. I am seriously considering putting some black tape over the
    sensor to see if it helps make them turn on sooner. Has anyone else had
    this problem and what if anything did you do?

    Partner, Mar 24, 2008
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  2. Partner

    Ed Pawlowski Guest

    I agree, they often come on later than I'd do myself, or later than my
    GM cars.

    Black tape though will keep them on all the time unless you can block
    just a portion of the sensor. Ideal would be a translucent gray
    material that just darkened a smidgen.

    I do like the fact they are quick to come on when entering a tunnel or
    under a long bridge. I do not, however, like them coming on, then
    off, then on, then off as you go along a road with a lot of trees.
    There are times they go one or off every 15 to 20 seconds as the light
    changes. This is more in early morning than at dusk. They need to do
    a little work on the sensors and a delay before they go off again.

    It world also be simple to have them go on whenever the wipers are
    turned on also. Many (most? all?) states require that headlights be
    on when wipers are on.
    Ed Pawlowski, Mar 24, 2008
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  3. Partner

    jim Guest

    I tried the black tape on my 07 Santa Fe, but I could notice no difference.

    Jim (Drives with lights on all the time now).
    jim, Mar 24, 2008
  4. Partner

    hyundaitech Guest

    You could try some tint over the sensor to see what happens.
    Unfortunately, this could also affect the automatic climate control

    Another option is to just leave your headlamps on at all times. Removing
    the key and opening the driver's door will cause the lamps to go out.
    hyundaitech, Mar 24, 2008
  5. Partner

    Eric G. Guest

    My 2006 Sonata is very accurate with the headlights, but my 2007 Entourage
    is the exact opposite. The headlights come on if a cloud passes overhead.
    And they don't "click" like the Sonata does. There are times on one of the
    highways around here with multiple over passes that on a bright, sunny day,
    my headlights probably come on a dozen times before I realize it.

    Eric G., Mar 24, 2008
  6. Partner

    Partner Guest

    Thanks hyundaitech,
    That's a good idea, I will try a piece of tint film. I don't have the auto
    control system.
    Partner, Mar 24, 2008
  7. Partner

    Darby OGill Guest

    I had this old Polara that had a device on the dash call a manual headlight
    switch. When the sensor in my brain detected a low light situation it
    activated a robotic like device called "my arm and hand" which operated said
    switch with a grasp and draw type motion- all of which resulted in the
    energizing of the H/L circuit causing an greatly increased illumination
    scenario. Kind of high tech, but it worked. I think current cars can be
    retrofitted with a similar functionality as long as a working sensor can be
    obtained. <grin>
    Darby OGill, Mar 26, 2008
  8. Don't be foolish. I had such a system and it was downright dangerous. I
    was driving on the turnpike and went into a dark tunnel. Suddenly dark, I
    had to stop shaving and I spilled hot coffee in my crotch trying to get the
    lights on and even lost my page in the magazine I was reading. Auto
    headlights is a life saving device.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Mar 27, 2008
  9. Partner

    Mike Marlow Guest

    Fortunately, you weren't wearing your seat belt at the time so you were able
    to minimize your burns by being able to move in your seat, to get off the
    puddle of hot coffee. Imagine what would have happened if you'd been
    restrained in that seat!
    Mike Marlow, Mar 27, 2008
  10. Partner

    Vineeth Guest

    After I read what Darby OGill posted I couldn't wait to scroll down to
    read the responses. I knew I won't be disapointed. You guys are a
    riot! Anyway I stick to what hyundaitech advised & leave my headlight
    on always.
    The only problem is don't forget to open the driver's door & remove
    the key from ignition. Once I had forgotten to roll up a window &
    opened the passenger door to turn on the ignition & roll the window. I
    found out the next morning that the parking light stayed on the whole
    night since I didn't open the driver's door after removing the key. I
    ended up having to jump start the car :(
    Vineeth, Mar 29, 2008
  11. Bruised my steering knee jumping though
    Edwin Pawlowski, Mar 29, 2008
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