Brake-lights suddenly stopped working..

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by ØysteinBL, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. ØysteinBL

    ØysteinBL Guest


    The brake-lights have suddenly stopped working on my sonata 93. There
    is a warning light for it too, which lights. Is it a bad fuse (I
    checked the fuse-box under the hood, but couldn't find the fuse for it,
    or any bad fuses at all).

    Also; Daytime running lights doesnt work, I have to manually turn the
    head-lights on. I have checked the DRL-unit, but can't find anything
    wrong with it, could anybody explain the wiring to me? (what does the
    DRL-wires mean? black-red, blue-red and so on..)

    Best regards
    ØysteinBL, Nov 30, 2005
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  2. ØysteinBL

    hyundaitech Guest

    I've checked my 1993 Sonata manual (U.S.) It doesn't show a brake lamp
    warning lamp. It shows the fuse in question as fuse #3 in the dash fuse
    box. Check the kick panel under the left side of the dash for the fuse
    box. Also be sure to check the bulbs and the brake light switch on the
    brake pedal.

    Okay, I take that back. It appears the DRL unit has the ability to
    illuminate the BRAKE warning lamp using the same circuit as the parking
    brake and fluid level sensor in the master cylinder.

    My manual does have a DRL schematic (for Canadian vehicles). Here's what
    I can figure:

    pin 1 -- red -- applies ground to illuminate brake warning lamp, receives
    ground from parking brake lever switch.

    pin 2 -- white/black -- privides ground to headlamp relay, energizing

    pin 3 -- unused

    pin 4 -- red/white -- receives power from fuse 11 in dash fuse box

    pin 5 -- yellow/red -- receives ground from light switch when in "park" or
    "head" position.

    pin 6 -- yellow/green -- provides ground to tail lamp relay, operating
    tail lamps.

    pin 7 -- black -- DRL unit ground

    pin 8 -- white/green -- provides ground when alternator is not charging
    (tells DRL unit whether car is running).

    pin 9 -- brown -- DRL unit grounds this wire, causing either dim headlamps
    (low and high beams in series) or low beams, depending on status of head
    lamp relay.
    hyundaitech, Nov 30, 2005
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