brake squeal on '02 elantra recurrent

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by bamina, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. bamina

    bamina Guest

    I had tire wear and a flat, so I took the car in to the dealership
    for replacement tires. I've followed their prescribed maintenance
    strictly, and always took the car to the same dealership that sold it.

    While changing the tires, they noticed that there was "5% life"
    (evidently not noticed at previous service appts) left on the pads. The
    cost was to be 298$ for front brakes (pads and resurface rotors).
    I had the dealership do the work.

    When I came to pick up the car, I drove the car down a road nearby to
    test. I noticed the vibrating sensation on the brake pedal and drove back
    to the dealership. They took the car back to repair the rotors (I guess
    they missed a spot--they said a rust ridge) on the surface.

    Went to pick the car up later that eve, and tested again. This
    time,seemed ok on their service road. 5 min later, on the trip home,
    began noticing and intermittent squeal (not the new brake sound, but a
    grindy squeal). Called the dealership once again, and was told to drive
    for a day or so to see if it subsides.

    Intermittent, but present as I drove it around for a few days. I also
    noticed an odd sound when making sharp turns/ u-turns. Called dealership
    again, and they said would replace front rotors and replace pads again at
    no charge.

    Picked up the car, and later that day [you guessed it] a squeal when I
    let up on the brakes this time. By that night, it squealed intermittently
    when I stop. This is 5 trips and a considerable part of two days
    invested in the dealer fixing the problem.

    Caliper problem? Wheel bearings? Any other ideas?
    bamina, Jul 29, 2005
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  2. bamina

    hyundaitech Guest

    Have you determined whether this squeal is coming from the front or rear?

    A squeal on brake release is usually the shoes rubbing the backing plates.
    Cleaning and adjusting the rear brakes and applying lube to the contact
    points on the backing plates typically resolves this.
    hyundaitech, Jul 29, 2005
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  3. bamina

    bamina Guest

    It sounds like front and rear. My wife claims she hears it more when
    backing out of the inclined driveway, but I hear it intermittently in
    traffic, (both on release as well as apply now.)
    bamina, Aug 1, 2005
  4. bamina

    hyundaitech Guest

    Some squeal from the front disc brakes when applied may not be abnormal.
    Depending on you driving and braking habits, it may not go away
    completely, no matter what anyone does, especially if you get the brakes
    rather hot.

    Squeal from the rear brakes can usually be eliminated by the procedure I
    outlined in the previous post.

    It sounds like your dealer is trying hard to satisfy you, so you may wish
    to let them make the call. If they say the front squeal is normal, I
    don't think they'd lie to you about that after going through all the
    trouble they've already gone through. Replacing the front rotors (at
    least in my belief) was above and beyond the call of duty (as long as
    there was no physical problem with the rotors). Also, if they come back
    and say that the rears need to be cleaned and adjusted, you should also be
    willing to pay for them to do that.

    I know you're not terribly satisfied, but from what you've posted, it
    seems to me that your dealer is providing you exemplary service and being
    honest. Even if you're not happy with the results of the brake service,
    you should probably not let that tarnish an otherwise good relationship.
    Honest and competent repair facilities are difficult to find.
    hyundaitech, Aug 2, 2005
  5. FWIW, I notice some creaking from the front brakes occasionally when
    rolling slowly to a stop. It seems normal to me.
    Brian Nystrom, Aug 3, 2005
  6. bamina

    hyundaitech Guest

    It's possible to make the noise Brian describes in pretty much any vehicle,
    and I agree it's normal.
    hyundaitech, Aug 3, 2005
  7. bamina

    bamina Guest

    I think I'd agree they have been pretty good by and large. One employee
    there in particular has gone the distance on this for me. I will
    definitely keep that in mind. Because I appreciate his professionalism
    and ethic, I'll keep true.

    ALSO Keep in mind, however, it is a two way relationship.
    I take it to them for every single oil change, and all the supplemental
    maintenance (10K, 20K, 30K, etc. at 300-500$ each time)...
    and I am a bit disappointed in that a dealership in a neighboring city
    charges 350 for the pads and rotors complete (not just pads).
    I am also disappointed that the brakes sounded fine prior, and now (it'll
    be 5 trips and very costly time for both of us) they weren't tested fully
    to show the problems (defect in rotor surface, faulty pads) prior to my
    picking the car up.

    As a customer-service example:
    I have another make car from a diferent dealer--the door-to-door free
    shuttle service is exemplary (every 30 min.max), and the loaner is mine
    in the event of multiday service. I brought it back after an error and
    they ate the cost en total.

    This got them my loyalty, word-of-mouth promotion, and a the high
    probability I will purchase from them in the future.
    bamina, Aug 4, 2005
  8. bamina

    hyundaitech Guest

    I definitely agree on the two way street deal. The price you paid and the
    price quoted for pads and rotors seem to be about the right differential.
    You're not really comparing apples to apples, so you may learn that either
    place would have charged about the same for the same work.

    The fact that you have your regular scheduled maintenance done there means
    they will be very interested in keeping you satisfied. They know that even
    if it costs them a little money now, they will benefit in the long run with
    your continued business.

    On the brake vibration issue, I agree that the repair wasn't properly
    verified prior to returning to the vehicle. Making conclusions on events
    after that is difficult for me to do.

    If you decide to take the car back in to have it rechecked, make it clear
    to them that you're not satisfied, but you're also happy that they've been
    working with you and not being confrontational during the entire problem.
    This will make them reluctant to tell you anything other than they've
    resolved the problem. Most dealers have a small number of mechanics who
    they trust to be able to solve the most difficult problems. Ask them if
    they'd consider putting their best man (or woman) on the case. Be
    prepared for the following:
    -- They may tell you it's normal. They know you're a good customer
    and you've expressed your dissatisfaction. I doubt they'd tell you this
    if it weren't true. Be prepared to live with this if that's what they
    tell you.
    -- They may find the noise coming from the rear and that the rear
    brakes need to be cleaned/adjusted/lubed. This would apply to drum brakes
    only. I suspect that if this is the case, they'll go ahead and do it at no
    charge for you. First, because you're worth the investment. Second,
    because they may owe it to you. If you've been having your maintenance
    services done regularly, you probably had this done by them recently
    hyundaitech, Aug 5, 2005
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