Buying a 2007 Hyundai Entourage soon and need your expert advice

Discussion in 'Hyundai Entourage' started by NOLA Robert, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. NOLA Robert

    NOLA Robert Guest

    My wife and I plan to purchase an Entourage SE with Option Package 2
    at the end of this year. Given the experience & wisdom of this group
    regarding all things Hyundai, I thought I'd ask for your insight to
    getting the best deal from Hyundai as well as your impressions,
    thoughts, & concerns regarding the 2007 Entourage SE Model. Just
    keep your remarks aimed at adults and dogs as we don't have kids to
    worry about pleasing. The dogs don't care as long as they get to go
    along on the ride, so this minivan is for our pleasure and driving
    adventures across the USA.

    We wanted to avoid the steep price tag of the Limited Edition since we
    don't care about the DVD Entertainment System, the moon roof or the
    Infinity Sound System that jacks up the price. The SE with the Option
    Package 2 does have the cool stuff we wanted like the heated seats. My
    wife had a lower back injury and she demanded we get this option
    despite the fact we live in sub-tropical New Orleans.

    We test drove the Limited and the SE models. I love the power and
    torque and I thought it held up well against the Odyssey. We test
    drove the Odyssey EX-L as we were going to get one until I found some
    good reviews on the Entourage. So feel free to educate me on the pros
    and cons of the Entourage vs the Odyssey EX-L model. I also liked the
    fit and finish with the interior of the Entourage. I am 38 and this
    is not the Hyundai I grew up with (remember the Excel?)!!! I have
    also read that the Entourage is just a gussied up Kia Sedonia with a
    higher sticker price. Hyundai has the gaudy JD Power and Assoc
    ranking and Kia is way down that list. So should I stick with Hyundai
    over such a high ranking by JD Power as well as a better look?

    OK, enough of my rambling here. Thanks for all your help and if you
    already own an Entourage, please share your thoughts and how it is
    doing for you and your family. Also, what kind of real world gas
    mileage are you getting? I know the EPA can be off my a wide margin
    and I don't was gas guzzler shock from the Entourage.

    Robert just outside of N'awlins, LA
    NOLA Robert, Jul 24, 2006
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  2. NOLA Robert

    art.obrien Guest

    I just traded in my Santa Fe for an Entourage SE on Friday. I can't
    speak much about the Fuel Ecomomy yet since we haven't yet emtied the
    tank but the reading above the mirror has been reading around 17mpg so
    far around town for short trips under 5 miles or so. This is our 5th
    Hyundai purchase so I am very confident in the product.

    We almost bought the Oddessey EX. We literally were going to sign the
    papers when the deal changed slightly and made us reconsider. The only
    noticible difference between the two was the price. If you want to be
    very nitpicky you will find that the Entourage is a little noisier on
    the highway. It is really hardly noticible except that I had read it
    on another review and was looking for it as you probably will now too

    The only reason we actually looked outside of Hyundai was because there
    are so few Entourages on the lots here and nobody had the color and
    options combo we wanted. Our dealer did a search and found that there
    were only 75 set up the way she wanted it and traded one of thier stock
    for our van with a dealer in Kentucky about 200 miles away.

    Our's is a straight SE with no options as all of the other stuff wasn't
    that important to us but the auto sliding doors were a must have.
    art.obrien, Jul 24, 2006
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  3. NOLA Robert

    hyundaitech Guest

    The Entourage really is little more than a rebadged Sedona. In fact, the
    Entourage is manufactured at by Kia. You'll need to do some homework,
    though, to figure out whether you can get what you want in the Kia--
    available options and packages will be different.
    hyundaitech, Jul 24, 2006
  4. NOLA Robert

    art.obrien Guest

    Forgot to mention that the only way to get roadside assitance with the
    Honda was to buy an extended 'honda care' waranty. I still can't
    believe that the don't offer roadside assistance with the standard
    bumper to bumper.

    We looked at the Kia Sedona a few weeks ago back to back with the
    Entourage and found it noisier under hard acceleration. I can only
    figure that there is some extra insulation somewhere since the power
    train is virtually the same. The Kia also has only a 5 year rust
    waranty compared with Hyundai's 7 year rust through waranty.

    They are indeed very close siblings but I didn't want to deal with
    changing dealers since I have been please with this one for so long.
    art.obrien, Jul 25, 2006
  5. Glad to hear you are looking at the Entourage.

    Our favorite poster, Mr. Hyundaitech, pointed out that the Entourage is
    little more than a rebadged Kia Sedona, and is, in fact, manufactured by
    Kia, not Hyundai.

    In early August, Consumer Reports (NOT everyone's favorite magazine, I
    understand), is doing a full report on the Sedona. It will come out on
    newsstands as the September issue.

    But they have already posted a "first look" on their website, It is free for everyone.

    On it, they like the practicality, interior space, value (thousands less
    than a similarly equipped Odyssey or Toyota), comfort, features, and power.
    And no doubt, the best warranty in the industry, including the roadside
    assistance, is also a huge plus.

    On the downside, CR claims it does not handle as well, something a lot of
    actual owners I hear are disputing. It also does not get as good gas
    mileage as the other two, and from what I am getting on the chat groups, no
    one is disputing that.

    But as someone who has owned two of the previous generation Sedonas, and
    can't wait until it is time to trade again so I can get either an Entourage
    or another Sedona, I think you will be happy to go this way.

    Hope you feel the same way.

    Tom Wenndt
    Rev. Tom Wenndt, Jul 25, 2006
  6. NOLA Robert

    NOLA Robert Guest

    I appreciate the insight on the Entourage from y'all. My wife has
    really fallen in love with the Entourage over the Odyssey. You see
    the Odyssey everywhere in the New Orleans area but I have only seen
    one Entourage. I know that will change since the Entourage is new but
    I like being different than the "herd." I never thought I'd get to
    the point in my life where I would be excited about a minivan but I
    guess 39 must be the right age to make that shift. While I'll still
    lust after the new Shelby Cobra GT 500 I know we will be very happy
    with the Entourage.

    The Kia and Hyundai minivans, are those both made at the Alabama
    facility? It seems that reviews like the NVH level of the Hyundai
    better which jibes with your observation in the post.

    So we plan to buy at the end of the year and hopefully Hyundai will
    have a nice selection with an year-end clearance sale going on to make
    the deal sweater. After much consideration, I think my wife has moved
    from the SE to wanting the fully-optioned LIMITED. I don't mind as
    long as she is happy with the purchase as we plan to keep this baby at
    least 10 years.

    So keep the sound advice and comments coming folks, it is greatly


    NOLA Robert, Aug 1, 2006
  7. NOLA Robert

    NOLA Robert Guest

    When you get the chance, keep us updated on how your Entourage
    experience is going. Since we are waiting until late December to buy,
    your experience will be valuable to let us know how the initial few
    months of Entourage ownership goes. I admit my main point of
    interest is going to be real-world gas mileage since the EPA is about
    as reliable a guide as a 7-day weather forecast.


    NOLA Robert, Aug 1, 2006
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