Can We Take Another Consumer Reports Review?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Rev. Tom Wenndt, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I say this ad nauseum, but I know it to be true. Consumer Reports is not
    the favorite magazine of a lot of people on this site.

    However, Consumer Reports, on their website, has just given a "first-look"
    at the 2007 Hyundai Azera.

    They only give "first-looks" to products they are EXTREMELY impressed with,
    and they are with the Azera.

    They seem to love everything about this car, and even like the handling
    better than on the Sonata, a curiosity.

    There will be a full report in the August issue, which usually hits news
    stands in July.

    Consumer Reports liking Hyundais? Does that bode well for the cars or

    Just wondering.

    Tom Wenndt
    Rev. Tom Wenndt, Apr 28, 2006
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  2. Rev. Tom Wenndt

    Robert Cohen Guest


    I had subscribed for years 'n years, though decided not to renew a
    coupla years ago.

    I really dunno exactly why I discontinued, but here's my reaction to
    Tom's note, which may hint a reason for my non-renewal.

    Yes, I agree with Tom that CR seems to have generally ignored Hyundai's
    excellent value.

    Perhaps it was that initial 1968 model etal that weren't of good
    quality, as I well recall since I had a red 1968 Hyundai that looked
    good but sort of ran like a hesitating-problem walking bird and the
    damne door locks literally broke too.

    Circa 1970 I traded it on a brand new black Hyundai with $7000; and I
    thought it was much improved:

    But it subsequently got wrecked, and I think we replaced it with a
    Dakota truck.

    Circa 1999 we got a new Sonata GLS which my wife liked a lot, and she
    (thinks she) knows something about style.

    In 2003 we traded it plus money and got a close-out white Accent & a
    close-out grreen-gold Elantra.

    Perhaps I came to diregard/discount/not renew CR because their articles
    did not seem to treat Hyundai with the due respect it has earned in the
    1990s and seemingly increasingly enjoys today.

    It had sorta been labelled-smeared as a "Yugo" in the 1980s: The Yugo
    was sort of a 1950s Fiat perhaps worse though which sold for less than
    $4,000 as I vaguely recall. CR duly hated the Yugo.

    Recently MONEY Magazine touted the supposedly best of the el cheapo
    small/economy cars available:

    MONEY likes the Accent, though doesn't mention Elantra.

    CR is actually something of a snob, as I recall it also ignoring some
    Oriental made electronics a couple of decades ago when I was looking-up
    Taiwan & Korean made tv sets for frequency of repair and so forth.

    I'm not anti-CR as such, and I've actually written them & complained
    about some of the above.

    They actually do an integral, valuable consumer service, but they are
    not an end-all to be-all perfect publication.

    To their credit: They do not accept ads.

    I am certainly subject to error/correction, while it seems CR has
    injustly avoided Hyundai.
    Robert Cohen, Apr 28, 2006
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  3. Rev. Tom Wenndt

    Robert Cohen Guest

    red 1968

    red 1988 4 door sedan

    eventually traded it for a 1990 or 1991 black 4 door Hyundai sedan
    Robert Cohen, Apr 28, 2006
  4. Rev. Tom Wenndt

    Bob Adkins Guest

    That just means a few dozen more CR readers will try them or buy them. It's
    not like their circulation is in the same class as Playboy or Better
    Homes&Gardens. :)

    I take CR's info with a grain of salt. Their "opinions" and "impressions"
    are no better than yours or mine. However, their measurements are reliable
    and useful. I fold their info to all the other info I gather when making a
    major buy.
    Bob Adkins, Apr 28, 2006
  5. Rev. Tom Wenndt

    Jack Cassidy Guest

    I purchased a new 2005 Accent 3 door 5 speed about 9,000 miles ago, I am not
    at all disappointed with the car for the price I paid. Fit and finish are
    very good and I anticipate driving this car until the wheels get square. On
    the other hand the dealer leaves a lot to be desired, The things he did
    while writing up this deal were in my opinion, unethical if not illegal. My
    sister has had similar problems with a KIA dealer. I like the car but when
    it's time to replace it I probably won't buy another Hyundai unless I find a
    dealer that isn't a crook.
    Jack Cassidy
    Jack Cassidy, Apr 29, 2006
  6. Rev. Tom Wenndt

    Robert Cohen Guest

    re: dealer tricks

    I am not making this one up:

    The well-known dealer my wife purchased her Sonata from--i
    swear--removed the sticker sheet from the window, apparently so she
    would not be able to understand how badly he cheated her.

    I complained to the FTC , and got no response.

    And of course this doesn't mean they're all liars & theives.

    I figure it's better to be cheated on a good value foreign make than a
    domestic piece of crape.
    Robert Cohen, Apr 29, 2006
  7. Rev. Tom Wenndt

    Jack Cassidy Guest

    Well, Our dealer didn't remove the window sticker, and it still had the
    protective plastic on the hood and fenders when I test drove it. What he did
    do was sneak an extra $2,200.00 into the deal with an extended warranty.
    (extended to 100,000 miles, Duh! the car has a 100.000 mile warranty on it)
    A tire warranty that was $650.00 (on a car with 13" wheels) window etching,
    (in case it gets stolen, I don't care if someone steals it, it's insured)
    and gap insurance, which I probably would have bought if anyone had asked.
    I did manage to cancel the extended warranty and tire warranty at a cost of
    $75.00 to me. But I didn't like the idea that these items were just written
    into the deal without any mentioning them. I know it's my own fault for not
    going over the paperwork before leaving the dealer but it was late and we
    needed to be somewhere else, Didn't discover the unauthorized add ones until
    the next day.
    The last two new cars I purchased were a 2000 Grand Marquis and a 1999 F250
    super duty Ford truck, Both of those deals were at a good price with no
    hidden bullshit. The reason I went for the Hyundai is I now have a rather
    long daily commute so I wanted a car with a long warranty and low initial
    price and decent fuel mileage.
    I learned a good lesson, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
    Jack Cassidy
    Jack Cassidy, Apr 29, 2006
  8. Rev. Tom Wenndt

    Don Allen Guest

    Removing the "Moroni Sticker," except in the presence of the buyer, is
    flat-out illegal. I would have absolutely ran as fast as I could have
    from that dealer.

    I sold new cars for a short time a couple of years ago (between jobs!)
    at a local Dodge-Jeep dealership. Since it was a family-owned (since
    1943), and a Daimler-Chrysler "5-Star" dealership, they were extremely
    serious on training their sales staff, and on treating their customers
    fairly and ethically.

    A dealer simply cannot remove the window sticker prior to a sale, or
    not in the presence of the buyer. In fact, we were not allowed to
    remove the sticker unless we asked permission of the buyer during the
    final delivery process.

    I would have taken this not only to the FTC, but to the local States
    Attorney, and Hyundai corporate. At the very least, the salesman
    should be fired, and at best, the dealership looked at very carefully
    by Hyundai.

    I guess I'm lucky . . . the Hyundai dealer we purchased our new 2006
    Elantra from in Downers Grove, IL was very up-front on every item. I
    knew the final price before I drove to the dealership, as I dealt with
    their Internet Manager. Each item was individually discussed, and I
    had the option of accepting or rejecting each. And, no pressure was
    exerted by the F&I Manager during closing of the sale in regard to the
    extended warranty, etc. Other than the options listed on the Moroni
    Sticker, A/T and carpet floor mats, that was it - no additional packs
    or add-ons. The total delivered price, including TT&L was $13,700 for
    an Elantra GLS sedan with automatic transmission. And, our local
    dealer (150 miles south of Chicago) is excellent. They treat Hyundai
    owners as if the car was a Lexus. So, I guess there are good Hyundai
    dealers out there.
    Don Allen, May 1, 2006
  9. Rev. Tom Wenndt

    Robert Cohen Guest

    re: run away from bad-dealing dealer

    Yes, of course, in theory and where practical,
    don't go back to them thar crooks.

    Our free enterprise blah blah blah capitalist system in all of its
    choices in its ideal.

    This dealer is so
    big that he covers seemingly most/much of a 400,000 population county.

    He was there seemingly
    from the start of Hyundai in USA, and operates more than one Hyundai

    The next nearest Hyundai
    dealer is 40+ miles one-way, and I doubt if....any less dishonest
    <sorry, but I'm a very convicted absurdist & cynic>.

    The expression, "only game in town," is the near actual reality.

    "That's the way it fuckeing is" <not exactly Walter Concrete's good-bye

    That's partly why that if a competitor from the U.S., Mexico, Brazil,
    Korea, China, India, France, or wherever has a better value car, then
    ....that's free blah blah enterprise.
    Robert Cohen, May 1, 2006
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