Changing 2003 Elantra fuel filter question

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by Swingman, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. Swingman

    Swingman Guest

    I recently had the car serviced and the shop declined to change the fuel filter, saying that it is located inside the gas tank. Is that correct, and how difficult a job is it to R&R the filter?
    Swingman, Feb 7, 2005
  2. Yep. confirms it. I did it to my 01
    elantra, which is probably similar. While there were no tricky
    techniques or special tools, there is a bit of disassembly required.
    I'm sending you a couple of pictures, and for lurkers I'm also posting
    them in with the subject "Hyundai fuel
    filter project". It shows the access under the rear seat to the
    filter/pump/sender unit, and it shows the unit itself. Unfortunately
    I didn't take pictures of the unit being taken apart (the filter is

    Hope this helps a little.
    Richard Dreyfuss, Feb 7, 2005
  3. Swingman

    Jim Vatunz Guest

    Superb stuff. Plenty of screws there so i suppose most service people
    would regard the extra minute as far too much work to bother doing.
    I think the place that serviced that car should have it's bottom
    In these days of electric high pressure fuel pumps, clogging of fuel
    filters puts extra strain on the pumps and thus causes premature
    failure of the *expensive* pump. So fuel filters should always be
    replaced as per the schedule rather than the old carburetor and manual
    pump days when cheapskates like myself would just wait until it was
    clogged beyond flow.
    Judging by the wires in the photo you've got something powerful fancy
    in the boot.

    For a very plain website try
    Jim Vatunz, Feb 7, 2005
  4. It does seem like cheap insurance. I wouldn't have initially tried to
    change an in-tank filter for thinking it was difficult, but my local
    shop (I was having my timing belt changed anyway) wanted around US
    $140 for it, and the filter was about $20 from hyundai. Plus the
    webtech site makes it seem simple. They left out the main step
    (disassembling that unit) but it's not bad.
    Nothing big currently. I do have a 10inch sub in the trunk, with
    about 100 watts going to it. Not enough to shake anything, but it
    fills in the low end on a lot of music. But a friend offered me 2
    gauge wire from his shop for free, so which made it easy to do it
    right in case I ever need to add anything (I'm also a ham radio

    We'll see if anybody else finds this amusing like I did: A friend of
    who was big into those thumpy subwoofers didn't bother to fuse the +
    line at the battery like you're supposed to. There actually were no
    problems, and when he left his lights on in parking spot that pointed
    downhill, we were able to jumpstart his car by clipping to his
    subwoofer power in the trunk. (yes, we could have just let the battery
    charge in that situation, but we had to try it.)

    Richard Dreyfuss, Feb 7, 2005
  5. Swingman

    Jim Vatunz Guest

    Pity you didn't have a photo of it disassembled. or perhaps the server
    i'm using didn't pick it up?
    Shows the value of lateral thinking. Too many people don't seem to be
    able to think outside the square.
    All i've done to my Accent is replace the standard speakers with twin
    speaker jobbos that fit in the same place. Quite adequate for the
    ancient music i listen to.

    For a very plain website try
    Jim Vatunz, Feb 7, 2005
  6. Unfortunately that's all I've got. I didn't know I'd be using it to
    guide others, otherwise I definately would have taken more.

    Richard Dreyfuss, Feb 8, 2005
  7. Swingman

    Swingman Guest

    Thanks for the reply, and the pictures which I found on the binaries NG (my email address for NG's is bogus, sorry). Even if I don't try the R&R myself the pictures may come in handy.
    Swingman, Feb 8, 2005
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