Driver-side power door lock failing

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Yabahoobs, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Yabahoobs

    Yabahoobs Guest

    ....On my '06 Sonata GLS. The other doors appear to be working fine,
    so I assume it's not my keychain.

    Just curious what this will cost me to n' labor.
    Yabahoobs, Jul 5, 2009
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  2. Yabahoobs

    hyundaitech Guest

    Does the same thing occur when using the lock button on the door?

    Does the lock knob move at all when attempting to use the power lock/
    unlock feature, or does it just sit there dead no matter whether
    you're trying to lock or unlock?

    If you're under 60,000 miles, it'll cost you nothing. If outside the
    warranty period, cost will vary greatly depending on where you have
    the work done and by geographic location. Answers to the above
    questions will help me tell you the specific item that will need to be
    repaired, enabling you to get estimates from places near you.
    hyundaitech, Jul 5, 2009
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  3. Yabahoobs

    Yabahoobs Guest

    Hey thanks Hyundaitech.

    The lock button inside the car will lock all doors. The knob does
    move freely. I'd like to have it done at the Hyundai in Lewiston, ID
    or Logan, UT.
    Yabahoobs, Jul 5, 2009
  4. Yabahoobs

    Yabahoobs Guest

    Oh, and I'm only at 40K miles. :)
    Yabahoobs, Jul 5, 2009
  5. Yabahoobs

    Irwell Guest

    Are you also within the the Time Period of the
    warranty? My power door locks failed at only 40 K miles
    but outside the warranty period by about two weeks. The miserable
    local Hyandai dealer would not do the work, found out later this has
    been a known wiring fault on Elantras.
    This will influence my buying choice in the future, both as regards
    car and/or dealer.
    Irwell, Jul 5, 2009
  6. Yabahoobs

    hyundaitech Guest

    Since it's an '06 with 40k miles, you're within the 5 year/60k
    warranty. Take it for warranty service.

    As for the symptoms, I'm becoming confused. Are you saying the
    driver's door won't lock with remote but will with the power lock
    button on the door? Looking at the schematic, that doesn't look

    Also, I understand that the lock knob moves freely. What I want to
    know is, when you're attempting to lock/unlock with the remote or door
    lock switch, does the lock knob move at all or does it stay completely
    still? See the thread below where a similar issue is discussed.
    hyundaitech, Jul 6, 2009
  7. Yabahoobs

    Yabahoobs Guest

    Ahhh okay. Well to answer your first question if / when the remote
    doesn't work, neither does the interior power-door lock button.

    Second, when the remote fails, the knob stands completely still.
    Yabahoobs, Jul 6, 2009
  8. Yabahoobs

    hyundaitech Guest

    If the you cannot feel the knob move at all when attempting to
    activate, then this doesn't rule out electrical issues such as BCM,
    relays, and wiring. Since your car is still within the warranty
    period, we can estimate the cost at $0, but it'll need to be checked
    to determine the actual issue. Even so, I'll put my money on the door
    lock actuator. Have seen very few door lock electrical issues on '06
    and newer Sonatas.
    hyundaitech, Jul 8, 2009
  9. Yabahoobs

    Mike O. Guest

    I have an 06 Sonata with about 40K miles that seems to have the same issue
    on the left rear door. The remote or the internal power lock button
    triggers the other three doors fine, but the left rear one will "twitch" a
    little, but not a full swing. Manually moving the lock/unlock button on
    the door itself works fine, but then when I do the power lock, the lever on
    the door will only partially move.

    Does the 5 yr/60K limit still apply if I'm not the original owner? We
    bought it used from the dealer (it had been a turned in lease)

    Mike O.
    Mike O., Jul 12, 2009
  10. Yabahoobs

    hyundaitech Guest

    Warranty (5/60) still applies. Since you can see it move a little,
    you've just confirmed that everything electrical is in working order.
    You'll need a door latch assembly.
    hyundaitech, Jul 12, 2009
  11. Yabahoobs

    631grant Guest

    Wow, looks like 06 Sonata's had a problem. This is yet another one after my
    initial post!

    Warranty (5/60) still applies. Since you can see it move a little,
    you've just confirmed that everything electrical is in working order.
    You'll need a door latch assembly.
    631grant, Jul 12, 2009
  12. Yabahoobs

    Mike O. Guest

    I called the dealer yesterday and dropped of the car this morning to look
    at the door and the ABS light issue (I mentioned in another posting). For
    the ABS light, I told him that I had done checking on the internet and that
    it sounded like it was the issue mentioned in the TSB about the brake light
    switch and was either on a recall, or probably was going to be soon (thanks
    HyundaiTech!). He said he didn't think the ABS warning light was part of
    that problem, but he would check.

    A few hours later they called and said it was all done, no charge. On the
    work order, it said "Stop lamp switch switch assembly replacement per
    factory bulletin".. They also replaced the door latch and actuator.

    Just curious, when the switch was failing and the ABS light was coming on,
    was it also affecting my rear brake lights? It happened to intermittently
    I didn't think to check.

    Thanks again.

    Mike O.
    Mike O., Jul 15, 2009
  13. Yabahoobs

    hyundaitech Guest

    Yes. The ABS/ESC system monitors master cylinder pressure and brake
    lamp switch output. If they don't agree, the warning lamps illuminate
    and ABS and ESC are deactivated (since the ESC module cannot
    conclusively tell when the brakes are applied).
    hyundaitech, Jul 15, 2009
  14. Yabahoobs

    Mike O. Guest

    So the faulty switch had the system thinking the brakes were being applied,
    but since the system didn't see the cylinder pressure change that would go
    with the brakes being applied, it triggered the warning?
    Mike O., Jul 15, 2009
  15. Yabahoobs

    hyundaitech Guest

    Or vice versa: the ESC/ABS module saw a pressure reading but no signal
    from the switch.
    hyundaitech, Jul 19, 2009
  16. Yabahoobs


    Jan 4, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Following this thread. My wife has a 2006 Hyundai Sonata. The driver’s side door lock works sometimes with the key fob, and sometimes not. My larger concern, is that sometimes she leaves the car, thinking it’s locked, but it isn’t. Or, she may return to the car, and not be able to get in, because the drivers door lock is not unlocking. The fix appears to be to replace the entire latch assembly? How much is that going to cost me in Florence SC? It seems like, since sometimes it works fine, it might just need some lubrication??
    Michaelcurcio, Jan 4, 2018
  17. Yabahoobs


    Jul 30, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Albany, NY
    I would try the lubrication thing first
    Before changing the latch assembly or lock actuator
    avisitor, Jan 5, 2018
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