Elantra antenna signal booster??

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by elantra05newbie, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. New to the site. Enjoyed browsing over the last two weeks looking for a
    solution to the terrible am reception on the GT radios. I also got the
    "That's how they are" speech from the dealer! Has anyone tried the JC
    Whitney signal booster? Supposed to plug into back of radio and increase
    signal strength by 3x. Only $10.00 plus shipping, but looking for a
    success story first, 'cause I don't really want to rip open my dash if I
    don't have to. Thanks for any assistance.
    elantra05newbie, Jul 29, 2005
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  2. I don't recall how the antenna's mounted on the Elantra. Bad AM
    reception is commmon nowadays. However, (I'm thinking about traditional
    radios)there's an adjustment screw named an "antenna trimmer" that is
    accessable from the outside of the radio cabinet. There's an easy way to
    adjust it while listening to a station. I think it's typically around
    14,000 Not sure how this is done on digital radios, or even if it still
    is done. With terrible reception, though, I'd be looking at the antenna
    and how it connects to the radio. And try the radio in a different same
    model car to see if "they're all like that." I've only put one digital
    radio into a car, and I can't recall if I made an adjustment or not.

    I've heard that Hyundai's radios are pretty poor. I've got the top-ish
    model in my 2000 Sonata, and I'd say that it's adequate, not much more.
    I hate the confusing buttons -- they're too deco. Very bad human
    engineering when you've got to take your eyes off the road in order to
    find the station buttons. Stupid, really.

    Boosters usually work on FM, not AM. And don't get me started on the
    trustworthiness of things in the JC Whitney catalog. Once every ten
    years, I forget, place an order, the then get a refresher in why it's
    been ten years...

    Richard Steinfeld, Jul 29, 2005
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  3. Yellow_Elantra, Jul 30, 2005
  4. Is there anthing special about this cable (shielding, etc.)? Is there a
    specific reason to use a 5 meter cable or will a 3 meter (10') cable work?
    Brian Nystrom, Jul 30, 2005
  5. Thanks for the tip. I bought the cable locally. Now I need to get behind
    the dashboard to put it in and check it out. Brand new car - any ideas on
    how to get at the radio without taking out the whole dash? I'd hate to
    break something before the car even goes in for its first checkup!
    Thanks again.
    elantra05newbie, Jul 30, 2005
  6. elantra05newbie

    nothermark Guest

    Sounds like the problem is poor shielding so you need to use the same
    impedance as the old cable but length is probably not an issue. If
    there is an antenna trimmer you should peak the signal with the new
    nothermark, Jul 31, 2005
  7. You have to remove the dash facia in order to get at the radio. There
    are two screws above the speedo/tach and two inside the ash tray. The
    rest it held by clips. The clips have been known to pop off so watch for
    that. Pop the facia loose, then unclip the electrical connectors and it
    comes right off. It's not a major endeavor. Instructions are available
    at www.hmaservice.com.
    Brian Nystrom, Jul 31, 2005
  8. Thanks to all for your input. Unfortunately it looks like it's back to the
    dealer for me. I tried 'yellow elantra's' cable; signal stayed the same,
    ok but weak. I changed the antenna; signal was worse. Then I tried a
    "signal booster". Worked great on FM. Even though FM was good, I did
    notice a stronger signal on 2 stations. But it absolutely cut out AM!!
    Nothing at all. So now the car's all back together the was it was
    initially, and I'm going to leave it up to the dealer to fix.
    Again, thanks for all your input. I wish for all the AM sufferer's sakes
    we could have solved this.
    elantra05newbie, Jul 31, 2005
  9. When you replaced the cable, did it cut down on static from the cruise
    control? I can live with weak signals as long as I don't have to contend
    with noise generated by the electronics in the car.
    Brian Nystrom, Aug 1, 2005
  10. Brian,

    I don't seem to be getting any electronic interference, i.e. whining or
    buzzing. This is just a bad signal, particularly in lowlands. If I crest
    a hill the reception is usually better.
    elantra05newbie, Aug 1, 2005
  11. Note to yellow_elantra: I misunderstood your directions and tried it
    again. I ran an independent antenna cable from the antenna across the
    right side floor board and up into the radio. What a difference! My 3
    stations, ranked 9, 6, and 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 are now ranked 10, 9
    and 7!!
    Thanks so much for your help.

    Note to Brian: This did work, and it worked very well. Total cost: $8
    bucks. Between you and hyundaitech you seem to be the guys on line all
    the time. Please feel free to pass this on as a legitimate fix, and give
    the credit to yellow_elantra.

    Thanks to all for your help.
    elantra05newbie, Aug 7, 2005
  12. Yea? thats great elantra05newbie,

    If possible,could you please re-post your post
    on elantraxd.com under my thread?

    It seem to have been forgotten.

    happy to help

    Yellow_Elantra, Aug 7, 2005
  13. Sounds good, I'll try it myself.
    Will do.
    Brian Nystrom, Aug 9, 2005
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