Elantra pulley misalignment

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by dubber, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. dubber

    dubber Guest

    I have a 2000 Elantra that had the timing belt changed(it broke). It
    seems to run fine and has plenty of power, but we're getting a belt
    whine and screech when it's cold. The repair shop had reefed on the
    belts(alternator and a/c compressor?) so they were very tight, so I
    loosened them slightly to see if that was the problem. It didn't help.
    I was looking at it, and it looks like the two driven pulleys may be
    slightly out of line with the crank pulley. Could this be my
    imagination, or is there a way to put the crank pulley on so that it's
    not properly aligned.
    dubber, Mar 22, 2006
  2. dubber

    hyundaitech Guest

    It'd be so difficult to misalign the crank pulley as to be nearly
    impossible. It's possible the crank pulley is coming apart. If the noise
    is loud enough to be called a "screech," then your belt(s) are likely too
    loose. Pay particular attention to the alternator belt. In fact, it
    needs to be quite tight to not screech. To see if the noise is indeed
    coming from the belts, you can take a can of spray-lube like wd-40 and
    spray just a little on the belt to see if the noise changes or goes away.
    hyundaitech, Mar 22, 2006
  3. Rather than lubricating it with a potentially harmful product like
    WD-40, wouldn't it make more sense to use a belt dressing on it like
    Brian Nystrom, Mar 23, 2006
  4. dubber

    Mike Marlow Guest

    Nothing harmful in a short spurt of WD40 Brian. It's basically useless
    stuff, but it will help to identify something like belt slip with no
    after-affects. Belt-Ease on the other hand is something I would stay away
    from. A product like that is an attempt to circumvent proper maintenance
    and attention and IMHO will ultimately result in more harm than good.
    Mike Marlow, Mar 23, 2006
  5. dubber

    hyundaitech Guest

    I'm with Mike on this one, Brian. I've found belt dressing --I'm not
    familiar with the particular product you've mentioned, so correct me if
    I'm off base-- to make a mess on the belts and the pulleys and to remain
    there and remain gummy, requiring substantial cleanup and making more
    issues at a later date.

    I specified "just a little" to help insure the reader understood we were
    just looking for a change, not looking to lubricate the belt.
    hyundaitech, Mar 23, 2006
  6. dubber

    Jody Guest

    i thought using a belt dressing on a ribbed belt is a no no???
    Jody, Mar 23, 2006
  7. dubber

    Matt Whiting Guest

    The WD-40 will evaporate fairly quickly and won't cause any harmful
    affects. The idea here isn't too lubricate the belt permanently, just
    long enough to tell if slip is causing the noise.

    Personally, I'd just tighten the belt to the proper tension and see if
    the noise goes away. If it does, then you are done. If it doesn't,
    then replace the belt.

    Matt Whiting, Mar 23, 2006
  8. dubber

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Using belt dressing on ANY belt is a no-no. If a properly tensioned
    belt is making noise, then it needs to be replaced.

    Matt Whiting, Mar 23, 2006
  9. Fair enough. I've only used "Belt Ease" a couple of times and it doesn't
    create a mess. I understand your concern, since anything that attracts
    and holds dirt would create more problems than it solves.
    Brian Nystrom, Mar 24, 2006
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