Elecrical problems

Discussion in 'Hyundai Veracruz' started by CRABBMAN, Jul 30, 2022.



    Apr 9, 2021
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    Hello don't you just love it when the electronics go south on you.
    Both my FOBS will not send a signal, even with new batteries.
    rear hatch will not open manually or with fobs.
    pressed override button for hatch located in glove box to no luck.
    over head lights and dome lights do not light up.
    accessory position with key will not light up console screen.
    cannot look or unlock doors with master switch when key has been turned off and in your hands.
    i press the button on dash that opens the rear hatch and it blinks three times and then no responce.
    i have put my multi-meter on as many fuses (three boxes i did access) as i could and can not find one blown fuse anywhere.
    checked the two fuses on battery and they are not blown.
    trying not to send vehicle to repair shop or dealer. this is a 15 year old car and not interested in a $1750.00 bill.
    have spent hours on you tube and google searches.
    ant suggestions on where to start and maybe certain things not to repair?
    Thank you ALL!
    CRABBMAN, Jul 30, 2022
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