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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by TinaRie11, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. TinaRie11

    TinaRie11 Guest

    I have a 2007 Sonata, and recently the ESC light and check engine
    light will come on at the same time, and at that point, the car enters
    what they call "limp mode". After 3 trips to the dealership, still
    no luck. They have replaced the gas pedal, but that does not fix the
    problem. Any suggestions? An on-line mechanic suggested the TPS
    might be the problem, but I’m not sure if that is related to what was
    already replaced. I can’t drive the car any distance as this is very
    dangerous when it happens!
    TinaRie11, Jul 9, 2008
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  2. TinaRie11

    hyundaitech Guest

    There are a variety of reasons the car can enter limp-home mode, all o
    them having to do with the electronic throttle not being able to functio
    properly. The computer does this to prevent any sort of uncontrolle
    acceleration that could lead to losing control of the vehicle.

    Presuming the dealer received a code indicating a problem with th
    accelerator position sensor, replacing the accelerator pedal assembly
    which contains the sensor, would be the typical repair. Presuming th
    same code returns, we've either got a defective or incorrect replacemen
    part, a problem in the circuit between the pedal and the PCM, or a proble
    with the PCM itself.

    Typically, when this issue arises, the readings are again correct by th
    time the car reaches the dealer, usually reducing the technician to makin
    an educated guess from the data stored by the PCM.

    According to the people I've talked to at Hyundai, the problem is usuall
    the accelerator pedal assembly (again, presuming a trouble code for th
    accelerator position sensor), but they've also seen issues with th
    harness connector for the pedal assembly as well as the harness connecto
    for the PCM.

    A last idea that I have stuck in the back of my head is that th
    diagnostic tool's description of the trouble codes makes unclear whethe
    the problem was with the accelerator position sensor (on pedal) reading
    or the throttle position sensor (on throttle body) readings. Hyundai ha
    issued TSBs to clarify this, but there's no guarantee the technican know
    about these or bothered to look. Does any of your paperwork indicate th
    trouble codes retrieved from the PCM
    hyundaitech, Jul 9, 2008
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