Fast Driving [was] Replacing old speedometer, how do I reset actual miles ??

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by john.van.v, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. john.van.v

    john.van.v Guest

    Wow, great dialog !!

    Sorry I missed the dialog: I was OUT ON THE ROAD!! I drive for a

    Note** Moderator shut down replies to the above thread, why ?? That's
    stupid new development. Google may NOT be your friend after all.

    Ok, back to the topic of fast driving:
    I HAVE gone 130 in that car, a post claims I could have gone 140. Even
    w/ the low racing gears w/ their poor mileage return, the tach
    red-lines at about 160. Speed isn't necessarily what kills engines, it
    is usually acceleration, as every idiot out there has to express their
    frustrations with threatening driving tactics.

    I am a trucker: I drive the speed limit or below, as I get more miles
    under my belt.

    Frankly I feel that fast driving is related to moonshining. Even as a
    Northerner, I have always admired the early greats-- near Asheville, I
    ate some of Junior Johnson's' excellent mountain junk food !!

    If I am feeling the rebel in me, I let everybody know. Otherwise, I
    conserve fuel.

    FTL !!!

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    Linux Society Group
    john.van.v, Jul 5, 2006
  2. Just joined group - sorry I missed this post... Wondering if model you were
    speaking of is the tiburon? I have had mine up to 140 with only a short ram
    intake. Have since added an excelerator chip that seems to increase
    responsiveness - I haven't taken it out all the way since this install... I
    have a 2005 V6 automatic Tiburon with Shiftronic. I have been experimenting
    with ways to increase the acceleration and responsiveness in this automatic.
    I have done pretty good so far - no dyno readings, but I can feel the
    michele white, Jul 16, 2006
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