fault P1128 - P1123 hope found solution to those fault

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by mk.kemkd, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. mk.kemkd

    mk.kemkd Guest

    I have a terrible consumption accent Hyundai year 2000 and 1500 CC (14
    liter at 100 KM)

    I put octane 92 I was replaced my oxygen sensor and electronic sparkle
    NGK 1.1 and was clean TPS and MAF and i think not have any leakage in
    air system because i detected by water and soap and was clean my air
    filter my exhaust pipe is good and not have any bore

    in the morning my exhaust pipe output white water

    the injector i was clean and detected it's by machine named

    my check lamp is (on) i was detect the fault at the computer.

    the fault is

    Long term fuel trim, at idle - mixture too rich

    Long term fuel trim, at increased engine RPM - system too lean

    Hyundai on the site saying detect the MAF and TPS sensor

    (• Check that the Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor (P / N 28164-22610)
    operation meets the specifications listed below. If the MAF sensor
    output is significantly lower than the reference value (10% or more),
    then replace the MAF sensor.)

    The TPS must to be 0 at IDLE this is ok and at RPM 2000 to be 3.5, but
    I have a 4 and then for 3000 to be 5.1, then I have for 5.5 and in
    some time at 3000 RPM is same signal

    And MAF
    in the idle to be 2.8 this ok and at 2000 RPM to be 6 but in my car
    is 7

    in the Hyundai site if the output lower the specs. must replace the
    MAF but in my case the output is higher.

    i hope found the solution for this case.

    the fault 1128 detect when i buted the octane 80 with 92
    mk.kemkd, Mar 3, 2009
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