Gas mileage 2002 Elantra GLS Automatic

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by FerdyPooh, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. FerdyPooh

    FerdyPooh Guest

    Just curious from you other Elantra owners:

    What sort of gas mileage are you getting?


    22 mpg city (with A/C running)
    28 mpg hwy (ditto)

    FerdyPooh, Jul 23, 2003
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  2. FerdyPooh

    Bainsville Guest

    I average 35 mpg city / highway.
    Bainsville, Jul 23, 2003
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  3. FerdyPooh

    Larry C. Guest

    I average 27.5 mpg with about 75% of that being highway driving at 80+ mph.
    I consider it decent mileage for the way I drive. I have an 03 Elantra GT
    with automatic.
    Larry C., Jul 23, 2003
  4. FerdyPooh

    Stormy738 Guest

    I average 20 mpg on heavy city driving, and 31 mpg highway at a constant 75
    mph (cruise control). 2002 Elantra GT, auto, driver and one passenger
    Stormy738, Jul 23, 2003
  5. FerdyPooh

    P220ST Guest

    I have a 2002 GT with the 5 speed. I've owned it for just over a year now
    and my overall average mileage is 31.5 mpg over 15K miles. I carpool 35
    miles each way with another person to work. So one week it's almost all
    freeway driving and the next week I'll do all city driving.
    P220ST, Aug 2, 2003
  6. FerdyPooh

    D Nieves Guest

    I typically get 23.5mph (city/highway) on our 2002 automatic transmission
    Elantra GT and during our trip to Niagra Falls (all highway) from Long
    Island NY with the A/C on I averaged ~24mpg (with the A/C off it was about
    the same).

    D Nieves, Aug 2, 2003
  7. FerdyPooh

    FerdyPooh Guest

    Thanks for the responses---

    As an observation, it seems that these cars don't always seem to get the
    advertised EPA mileage estimates that are published---

    Another observation/opinion--- These mileage numbers are low for such a
    small car and small engine---

    My last car was a Chebby Impala with a 3.?L V-6 that always got 20 MPG
    city/31 Mpg highway---
    much the same numbers for a more powerful car and a much larger car----
    FerdyPooh, Aug 2, 2003
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