Has anyone had this problem with 2001 Sonata?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by What'sUp!, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. What'sUp!

    What'sUp! Guest

    2001 Sonata V6, auto tranny. Bought as a program car with 16K.
    Currently has 50k on the odometer. As I had driven a manual tranny for
    the past 20 years, little things I noticed about the shifting of the
    AT was dismissed as not being used to the typical occasional hunting
    such trannys do. Basically would note when accelerating that the
    tranny would shift early, not winding out to take advantage of full

    As an aside, noticed that the front brake rotors were slightly warped
    and would be needing turning soon. Noticed gas mileage dropping. Came
    up on a stretch of highway with traffic lights on each block. Engine
    would rev to 4000~5000rpm quickly and AT would dump to next higher
    gear. In high gear doing a max of 30mph or so and struggling to
    maintain speed. Felt like water in gas. Vehicle would eventually speed
    up to maybe 45mph. Stopp and several minutes later the vehicle would
    run okay or 98%. After several attempts by the Hyundai service
    department, they finally claimed it was due to all four brake rotors
    being warped badly to the point they couldn't be turned. (It
    apparently was so bad that when it occurred, the vehicle would not
    roll forward while in DRIVE and no foot on the gas pedal) They even
    said the brake system needed to be flushed as the fluid had even
    "boiled". I had the rotors replaced, pads replaced, the brake system
    flushed and even the AT fluid flushed, serviced and changed. Due to
    work restrictions, vehicle stayed at shop an additional 2 days, upon
    arriving to pick up, found that the service dept had decided to
    replaced the brake master cylinder as they were concerened it may have
    problems in the future. They had indicated that the brake fluid
    smelled "funny" and didn't seem like brake fluid so that was also a
    concern. This replacement was handled under warranty. 500~600 miles
    later, problem returned. In speaking with service dept they indicated
    the tranny probably was acting up due to the strain it had been under
    prior so they would handle it as a warranty issue. I have yet to be
    able to get it to the shop however I have noticed the brake rotors are
    warped again (less than 700 total miles) and the brake pedal is ROCK
    HARD with no travel downward or upward when the situation occurs. It
    has been discussed that this actually may be a brake booster problem.

    Has anyone encountered such a problem with their Sonata? If so, was it
    a brake booster? Thanks in advance!

    What'sUp!, Jun 28, 2003
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