Heater not Working (NO HEAT) Getz 1.1

Discussion in 'Hyundai Getz' started by Mike Getz 44, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Mike Getz 44

    Mike Getz 44

    Feb 20, 2018
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    Hi All,

    I am not getting any heat in my car. Checked the buttons on the AC control and blower, heat door, etc... all look to be operating well. now want to make sure hot coolant actually reaches cabin heater core or not. should I flush heater core or is it complicated so i should take to dealer? Any suggestion would help. Thanks
    Mike Getz 44, Feb 20, 2018
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  2. Mike Getz 44


    Jul 30, 2017
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    Albany, NY
    In the engine bay, there are two heater hoses going to the firewall.
    You can see if they are hot.
    Also check coolant level to see if you have enough coolant
    Fill as necessary.

    Flushing heater core is relatively simple.
    Remove some coolant so it doesn't spill when you remove heater hoses
    Then hook up other hoses that will feed the heater core and discharge flush
    You can check out some videos about it on youtube

    Good luck.
    avisitor, Feb 21, 2018
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