Hey Matt, did you freeze today?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Ed Pawlowski, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Ed Pawlowski

    Ed Pawlowski Guest

    For anyone that does not know, Matt has complained in the past that his
    heating and AC are marginal in extreme temperatures. This morning was the
    lowest temperature since I've had my Sonata, at -9°. It was warm and comfy.
    The engine did growl a bit starting up, but in seconds smoothed out. Ohhhh,
    those heated seats are nice too!
    Ed Pawlowski, Jan 16, 2009
  2. Ed Pawlowski

    Voyager Guest

    I've been driving my old Chevy truck all week and was nice and toasty.
    Had the heater on the second speed for a while the day it was -9 here,
    but I got so hot I had to turn it back to low.

    I drove the Sonata last night to pick up my wife from about 15 miles
    away. Had the heater on speed 2 and still couldn't get the front
    cleared from the windshield and side windows. Ran it on 3 on the way
    home and still couldn't get the top 1/3 of the windshield frost-free and
    had to duck my head to see to drive. What a crappy HVAC system. Well,
    at least I have my 15 year-old truck for the cold weather.

    I still wonder if it is a 4 cylinder vs. V-6 issue, but nothing could
    ever be found wrong with my heater or AC. It seems to meet the specs,
    but doesn't work worth crap. Well, at least not compared to my other
    cars. It is a lot better than my two VW Beetles were. I had REAL
    Beetles (1971 and 1975) not these new ones that DO have heaters and

    So, the Sonata doesn't have the worst HVAC that I've ever owned, but
    only the Beetles were worse.


    P.S. It is -12 this morning. The wife and I are going out for
    breakfast and, yes, I'm taking the truck even though it means hauling
    the low around. :)
    Voyager, Jan 17, 2009
  3. Ed Pawlowski

    Voyager Guest

    I meant plow, hauling the plow around. It is so cold here that my
    keyboard won't even work properly! Although it is now up to -4 so it
    feels pretty good out, especially with the sun shining.
    Voyager, Jan 17, 2009
  4. Ed Pawlowski

    Ed Pawlowski Guest

    I don't know what the difference is, but mine has been fine. There was frost
    on the windshield and the defroster cleared it up in a couple of minutes,
    outside and inside. Leaving the house there was still a band at the top,
    but by the time I got to the main street it was gone.

    Never had a Beetle, but I had a '64 and a '70 Karmann Ghia. On the 64 the
    heater tubes were rusted away. I carried an ice scraper for the inside.
    The '70 was better but nothing like a real heater. My '62 Corvair had good
    heat year round. Had to block the vents in summer. Well, I think it was
    better. Back in the 60's my body could take the temperature extremes a
    little easier than today.
    Ed Pawlowski, Jan 17, 2009
  5. Ed Pawlowski

    Voyager Guest

    I really thought the mouse nest I found on top of the cabin air filter
    was the culprit, but removing that and installing a new filter made
    little difference. I could detect more airflow this summer from the AC,
    but the overall cooling performance was only slightly improved and I see
    no detectable difference in heating performance.

    Voyager, Jan 17, 2009
  6. Ed Pawlowski

    TheChris Guest

    The heat in my 2000 Elantra didn't come on that day (I'm in Maryland). I
    was SURE I broke something big...

    But, it turned out that I was low on Anti-freeze, and my heater assembly
    didn't start.

    I added some 50/50 (over a half gallon!) and 20 minutes later, I smelled
    heat!! I was VERY relieved...
    TheChris, Jan 21, 2009
  7. Ed Pawlowski

    benick Guest

    My wifes '06 Elantra has good heat...Nothing like my 95 Silverado
    though...It will roast you out...LOL....
    benick, Jan 23, 2009
  8. Ed Pawlowski

    Plague Boy Guest

    TheChris wrote:
    If you *literally* smelled the heat, I guess that tells us where
    the missing anti-freeze went <g>!
    Plague Boy, Jan 24, 2009
  9. Ed Pawlowski

    Mike Marlow Guest

    Hmmmmm... just an observation, but... you "smelled heat", then felt very
    releaved? Hell, around here most of us just refer to that as a fart.
    Works well to warm the car seat up on those chilly mornings, and is indeed
    Mike Marlow, Jan 24, 2009
  10. Ed Pawlowski

    TheChris Guest

    Well, it's more like when you're in a room with baseboard heating, or an
    iron or a hair dryer on...There's a certain smell that hot air has for
    me... It didn't smell like AF, it just was like, 'Hey, that's a different
    smell!" :)
    TheChris, Jan 28, 2009
  11. Ed Pawlowski

    TheChris Guest

    I had tried that for hours before... :)
    TheChris, Jan 28, 2009
  12. Ed Pawlowski

    SB Guest

    TheChris wrote:

    <snipped the crap>

    Gawd what a mess X-news makes out of quoted text. Probably why I shit
    canned it many years ago after trying it.
    SB, Jan 28, 2009
  13. Ed Pawlowski

    TheChris Guest

    Yeah, I've been noticing that... I like that I can run it from my USB
    stick though :)
    TheChris, Jan 29, 2009
  14. Ed Pawlowski

    SB Guest

    If you're somehow attempting to reply to my comment about Xnews, you
    should know that Mozilla Thunderbird, as well as Firefox both are
    available as portable apps that will run off of a thumb drive. I run
    both on a 2GB thumb drive on the work box 10 hours a day, 4 days a week
    w/o a hitch.

    Google portable apps.
    SB, Jan 29, 2009
  15. Ed Pawlowski

    TheChris Guest

    Yeah, I use ALL the Portable Apps - even 'Mac on a Stick' :)

    Which are you using as a NewsReader?
    TheChris, Jan 30, 2009
  16. Ed Pawlowski

    SB Guest

    currently using Thunderbird on this 2 gig stick. nice for work, ya pull
    the thign out and no residual left behind for prying eyes :) i'm using
    T-bird also on a linux box as well as the xp boxes and laptop. i've
    played with just about all of the newsreader apps over the years. for
    solid dependable service T-bird does it for me. may stem back to my
    beta testing days of netscape navigator and communicator ;) i haven't
    looked but there may even be a sea monkey portable app out there also.
    i currently use Pan also. like x-news (IIRC) it handles multi-part
    binaries where as T-bird doesn't.
    SB, Jan 30, 2009
  17. Ed Pawlowski

    The Chris Guest

    Me too... I take Newsreaders VERY personally :) I only thought
    Thunderbird did mail.. Doesn't the mail portion of it bloat up the app?

    I grew up with all the Unix apps... vi, edlin - so, I like thing that
    look like xnews...I'll look into Pan... Thanks.
    The Chris, Feb 2, 2009
  18. Ed Pawlowski

    SB Guest

    Some. Price of convenience I suppose. It's certainly not a cpu hog in
    any manner.
    Ever mess around w/ Tin?

    here's a 'few' others.
    SB, Feb 3, 2009
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