How much longer for 2004 models?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Zoet, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. Zoet

    Zoet Guest

    I'm planning on buying a new Tiburon in the very near future. How long do
    Hyundai showrooms continue to get 2004 model Tiburons sent to them from the

    I'm curious because I want a fully loaded one, certain color, with sunroof,
    etc and don't want to have to settle for something in the showroom, so I'd
    have to put in an order.

    I could always wait for the 2005 model, but in case I don't, how much longer
    do I have before it's too late to put in my order for a 2004 car? I'm
    assuming the time of year is very close, if it didn't pass already.

    Also, when are the 2005s going to be available?

    Thanks for any and all help.
    Zoet, Aug 5, 2004
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  2. Zoet

    hyundaitech Guest

    Model year production change-overs typically happen July 1 for Hyundai. I
    can't tell you how much 04 stock is on hand nor do I have any idea when
    05's will arrive. I expect no significant changes between 04 and 05.
    hyundaitech, Aug 5, 2004
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  3. Zoet

    EyeToldUSo Guest

    Go to and there is a spy pic at the
    of the new 05 tiburon
    EyeToldUSo, Aug 6, 2004
  4. Zoet

    hyundaitech Guest

    That reminds me. I did receive a list of changes for the 05 Tiburon as an
    addendum in my Tiburon class. The changes of interest are:

    Revised front bumper cover. The picture referenced in the above post is a
    good illustration.

    Different headlamps (not by much).
    Smaller fog lamps (also apparent in picture).
    Different tail lamps.
    Different side fins/gills.
    Standard automatic climate control on GT.
    Revised overhead console/control/lamp.
    Available Infinity cd changer/cassette/radio.
    Rear wiper no longer available.
    hyundaitech, Aug 6, 2004
  5. ??! Unless they've radically redesigned many things, that'll make it
    very difficult to back out of a parking spot when it's raining hard.
    Dances With Crows, Aug 7, 2004
  6. Zoet

    hyundaitech Guest

    No major redesign. But what's the difference? It's already very difficult
    to back anywhere in this car no matter what the outside conditions.
    hyundaitech, Aug 7, 2004
  7. Zoet

    Zoet Guest

    The 2005 Tiburon in that picture does have a rear wiper though.

    Zoet, Aug 9, 2004
  8. Zoet

    Zoet Guest

    Errrr my bad, I was looking at the '03 model.

    Zoet, Aug 9, 2004
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