How to remove Brake Drums on a 1998 Hyundai Excel

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Thomo, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Thomo

    Thomo Guest

    Help... the manual shows a phiilips head screw securing the drum.. but
    i cant find one.... anybody done this???

    Thanks in advance
    Thomo, Dec 5, 2005
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  2. Thomo

    hyundaitech Guest

    It may already be gone. If there are two small empty holes (one of which
    has the threaded portion of the hub underneath), then the screw wasn't
    reinstalled when the drum was removed previously.
    hyundaitech, Dec 5, 2005
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  3. Thomo

    Thomo Guest

    Your right there were two holes, but the drum remained firm, do i need
    a bake puller to remove.. and many thanks>
    Thomo, Dec 5, 2005
  4. Thomo

    Thomo Guest

    Your right there were two holes, but the drum remained firm.. do I need
    brake puller to remove.. and thanks again!
    Thomo, Dec 6, 2005
  5. Thomo

    hyundaitech Guest

    Chances are it's just rusted on or there's a rust ridge preventing it from
    sliding over the shoes. I have about a 3 pound plastic hammer I hit them
    with to knock them loose. What's that in metric, about 1.2kg? If they
    break loose from the hub but still won't pull all the way off, you'll
    probably need to remove the console and loosen the parking brake cable to
    get enough play to remove the drums.
    hyundaitech, Dec 6, 2005
  6. Thomo

    Thomo Guest

    Ok will give it a go.. and cheers!!
    Thomo, Dec 6, 2005
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