Hyundai Excel 1994 where to put in automatic transmission fluid?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Helen McGee, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Helen McGee

    Helen McGee Guest

    My father just passed away, and we don't know what he did with the
    manual for the car. We need to put automatic transmission fluid in,
    but have no clue where it goes. I've tried googling, but all I can
    find is places to buy a manual, or people talking about the
    transmission. Help, please!
    Helen McGee, Sep 19, 2004
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  2. Helen McGee

    Patrick Guest

    Hi Helen,
    Adding automatic transmission fluid (ATF) to a vehicle can
    cause major problems if said vehicle is not in fact in need. Also,
    whatever you add cannot easily be taken back!
    How did you check ATF level? Each vehicle has a specific
    protocol to follow. Some vehicles need engine and transmission to be
    at operating temperature (hot); vehicle to be running, in gear
    (careful now, people have found themselves under vehicle
    inadvertantly. Be sure to "chock" wheels or have front wheels against
    suitably TALL curb to prevent car from driving away.)
    Patrick, Sep 19, 2004
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  3. Helen McGee

    Bob Bailin Guest

    As you're facing the front of the car with the hood open, the battery
    is in the front left corner. If you look straight down to the right of the
    battery, you'll see a short dipstick on the front edge of the
    transmission. This is how you check the AT fluid level and also
    where you fill it, using a long-necked funnel.

    PLEASE, before you remove the dipstick, clean away any
    accumulated dirt/sand in the area. You don't want any dirt to
    fall into the AT pan, and when you put the dipstick back in,
    there's a good chance you'll hit the AT housing first. Use a
    can of brake cleaner for the job.

    Check the AT fluid level first by driving the car for 5-10 minutes
    first to get the fluid warmed up. The fluid on the stick should be
    between the low and high marks. If it's below the low mark, add
    1 pint of ATF+3 fluid (NOT Dexron III/Mercon) and try again.
    Don't overfill the AT! The fluid should be bright red. If it's brown
    you should change the AT fluid and the internal filter.

    Bob Bailin, Sep 19, 2004
  4. Helen McGee

    Helen McGee Guest

    (Patrick) wrote ...
    We checked it directly after driving the car for about 15-20, within
    about 2 minutes of shutting the engine down, and the fluid level was
    at the low line. Someone who worked with my father told us that the
    gas station up the street from where he worked will check fluids for
    free, so we're going to have them check it, just to verify that it
    does need the fluid, since all my mom or I have ever dealt with is
    stick shifts, and so the whole ATF thing is a bit new to us. Thanks
    again, to both people who replied.
    Helen McGee, Sep 20, 2004
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