I Found the Chime in the 2006-2007 Sonata!!!

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by cableguy3, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. cableguy3

    cableguy3 Guest

    Guys, I took my center console out this afternoon to begin the installation
    of my Bluetooth Car Kit and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System I
    purchased. After removing the entire console, I found the Body Control
    Module or BCM (little black box directly underneath where the 12V
    accessory plug is) and saw little speaker holes in the top side of the
    BCM. I put my key in the ignition and sure enough it started chiming
    away...LOUDLY from that location!

    I put a small piece of electrical tape over it to help mute the sound and
    make it more "pleasant" and it worked great! No more loud and annoying
    chime. There is no way to disable it or "cut" the leads as it is built-in
    to the BCM box and is not accessible so the best you can do is mute it.

    It was very simple to do and I highly recommend it to those of you with
    2006-2007 Sonata's that hate the loud chime.

    The instructions to remove the center console can be found on the
    www.hmaservice.com website.

    Good luck and enjoy!
    cableguy3, Sep 29, 2006
  2. cableguy3

    m Guest

    What Tire Pressure Monitoring System are you installing? How does it

    m, Oct 2, 2006
  3. cableguy3

    cableguy3 Guest

    I did a ton of research and tested the top 4 units on the market and found
    the "Route" unit to be reasonably priced and excellent quality. I am
    extremely impressed and it works great. The link to see it on their
    website is the following:


    If you are interested, let me know and I'll be more than happy to get you
    one. They list for $390 and I can save you a ton if interested.

    The dealer charged me $12.50 a tire to dismount, put in the new wireless
    valve stem and balance and remount. Very reasonable considering the local
    tire shop wanted $90.00.
    cableguy3, Oct 4, 2006
  4. cableguy3

    m Guest

    Jusi might be interested. I'll cotact you at ?
    Where did you mount the pressure display panel ?
    How big is the display panel ? (Hard to see in the pics)

    m, Oct 4, 2006
  5. cableguy3

    PMDR Guest

    Noticed something on my 06 Sonata: if you shine a bright light on the
    instrument cluster, you can see there is a cutout for TPMS already in
    place directly under the "door ajar" indictor.

    Bit sad that Hyundai made a place for it but didn't put in the couple
    dollars worth of parts to make it live.
    PMDR, Oct 5, 2006
  6. They are thinking ahead because all cars will be required to have them in
    about a year. I don't know what the cost is, but you can be sure that $$$
    is the deciding factor.

    I bought the Sonata knowing that a few gadgets that other cars have are
    missing, but the cost was thousands less than the models with them. OTOH,
    it is VERY few that are missing.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Oct 5, 2006
  7. cableguy3

    Eric G. Guest

    The Entourage I bought came with the TPMS. With the frequency of my tire
    checks, it is basically useless for me, but I can see it being a benefit to
    many. The Entourage system is a bit rudimentary and only lights a warning
    light if the tire pressure if more than 10-12 PSI low. It does not show
    the current pressure or any other details that *I* would actually be
    interested in.

    Eric G., Oct 5, 2006
  8. cableguy3

    cableguy3 Guest

    Guys, the unit is 4" long, 1 3/4" tall and only 3/8" deep...very small and
    easily mountable. It's great because it displays actual tire pressure of
    each individual tire along with battery condition and tire temperature and
    only requires three wires for hook-up. Battery, Ignition and ground. Took
    me all of 30 minutes to install it.

    I attached mine, using the mounting bracket that comes with it to the
    ashtray and tilted it up for easy viewing (I don't smoke) but it can be
    installed anywhere. You can also double stick foam it to the dash (it
    comes with the foam).

    Feel free to e-mail me directly but I am VERY impressed and with all my
    driving (3000 miles per month) it could prove to be a life saver!

    cableguy3, Oct 5, 2006
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