i30 Owners - Lend me your ears...

Discussion in 'Hyundai i30' started by Janet Talia, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Janet Talia

    Janet Talia Guest

    Or more accurately - your fingers...

    Having just about limited the contenders for a new car to the Mazda 3, 6 or
    Honda Civic, I decided to have a quick peak at the Hyundai dealership to
    check out the i30 given the good press it's been getting in the Australian

    In short, I was very impressed - moreso than I expected to be by a Hyundai.
    I assume all of the inclusions come at the cost of build quality and resale
    value, but it's hard to look past the value for money and the 5 year

    Given it's such a new car, I've been unable to find too much about it
    online. Can anyone offer any owners opinions - good or bad, as well as
    anything I should look for if I look to buy one? Is there any difference
    between the 2007 and 2008 model? Is the 2.0l petrol auto as good a drive for
    a non-rev head as the 1.6l diesel which has been getting all the press? All
    feedback is gratefully received.

    Janet Talia, Mar 10, 2008
  2. Janet Talia

    Essex Guest

    Hi, this forum seems to be mainly frequented by U.S. folk and I don't think
    the i30 is sold there yet.

    There is an i30 specific forum here:

    where you may get more answers.

    If it's any help, the two Hyundais I've owned have been the best cars I've
    ever owned. This is after 45 years of driving and many new cars including
    Mazda, Honda, Toyota etc.

    I'm sure the i30 is every bit as good as they say it is!

    Good luck!
    Essex, Mar 10, 2008
  3. Janet Talia

    daisy Guest

    Don't know much about the Australian version. In Europe th i30 and
    Kia Ceed is almost the same car, but with the Kia as the one with
    the firmer grip on the road (Build in Europe). The i30 we get is at
    the moment build in Korea.
    Same motors and both are highly prized in the press, Just as you
    mention the diesel gets most attention. As far as I've seen
    testdrives over here the other versions shouldn't be bad either

    daisy, Mar 10, 2008
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