In virtually every parking lot, you find half the cars Asian make

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by IlBeBauck, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. IlBeBauck

    IlBeBauck Guest

    I was reflecting on this fact the other day , and recall how Americans
    at one time would turn up their noses at something that was 'Made in
    Japan' as cheap and inferior ; my, how times have changed. Now we
    have the top 3 U.S. Car Makers pleading for a financial bailout
    because Americans dont have confidence in the reliability of American
    cars any longer/the value is not where it should be.

    Im wondering if those of us who are now sold on Hyundai , will one day
    give The Big 3 another chance , and...what would it take
    specifically before making the switch back ? Thanks.
    IlBeBauck, Jan 9, 2009
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  2. I was a GM buyer for many years until my last Buick. I also used to laugh
    at people that bought Hyundai based on the original cars they imported in
    1988. GM got me PO'd with my last car. When I started thinking about
    buying something new, two people I knew had a rented Sonata on a trip and
    they were impressed with it. I decided to take a look as I did like the
    Sonata styling.

    I ended up buying a Sonata Limited. It has pretty much every feature that
    the Lucerne I was also considering has. I can see minor differences in
    quality of materials on the dashboard, carpeting, and so forth. The Sonata
    though, has Stability Control, all the goodies like heated seats,
    electrochromatic mirror, heated outside mirrors, powerful engine and things
    of that sort. What the Sonata did lack was about $8000 in the price tag.

    Will I ever go back? Sure, it they can offer me the same value. I really
    wanted a Lamborghini, but I heard that they are not so good in the snow so I
    passed on it.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Jan 9, 2009
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  3. IlBeBauck

    Voyager Guest

    That is because at one time things made in Japan WERE cheap and inferior.

    I'm not sold on any make of car. All manufacturers come and go with
    regard to quality, design, etc., and what is good today may not be good
    tomorrow. Oddly as it seems today, the cars I've had that have lasted
    the longest mileage-wise have all been Chryslers, an Acclaim (146K
    before a deer totaled it), a Jeep Comanche (150K before it succumbed to
    rust after nearly 20 years) and a Grand Voyager (182K before a drunk
    totaled it). My current Grand Caravan is gaining fast at 110K and my
    Chevy truck is doing well at 108K, but is my oldest vehicle by far at 15
    years. It will rust out before it wears out as I drive it mainly in the
    winter as a snow plow vehicle and in the PA/NY area the road salt is

    My Sonata is doing well, but at less than 50K miles I can't speak to its
    durability. I will say that initial indications aren't great as the
    rear rotors are shot already. My truck still has its originals!! I
    fear the Sonata may be like my 84 Accord and being to self-destruct at
    60K miles, but I'm still hoping for the best. However, to me a car
    hasn't even begun to earn its keep until it rolls past 100K miles.

    I will consider Hyundai for my next minivan or car, but mainly because I
    find the new Chrylser minivans to be butt ugly. However, even if
    Hyundai made a full-size truck, I'll still buy a Chevy next ... assuming
    GM is still in business. After the performance of my 94 K1500, this
    isn't even a point of question.

    Voyager, Jan 9, 2009
  4. IlBeBauck

    Joe Guest

    One very important factor in Hyundai convincing first time buyers was
    the outstanding warranty offered.

    When compared with the 36,000 mile/ 3 year warranty common among US
    makes one has to ask. Why are they not willing to offer a longer

    Another item that caught my attention is the number of what are extras
    on many other makes coming standard on the Hyundai.

    I bought a 2000 Sonata V6 new in April 2000 and has never had any
    buyer's remorse. It has been an extremely reliable car.

    The water pump went out at 61,000 miles and it was replaced under the
    warranty. At first the dealer was balking at doing this repair as
    warranty work. I contacted Hyundai USA and told them what the dealer
    was doing. Then the dealer contacted me and said that they would do
    the water pump and asked me if I wanted to pay the parts price only to
    have the timing belt replaced at the same time.

    I told them that considering the hassle I had initially I was not
    going to have the belt replaced since in California the timing belt
    replacement was NOT on the required service list and would be covered
    under the 10 year/ 100000 mile provision even if it failed and trashed
    the engine.

    When I got the car back the dealer had replaced the timing belt as a
    Good Will extra with no charge service. I did not even pay for the
    belt itself. They also replaced the serpentine belt at no charge.

    That kind of service is hard to find.

    Joe, Jan 10, 2009
  5. IlBeBauck

    Mark Time Guest

    I would. In fact I'm considering a new GMC Sierra pickup. Current
    price is a factor and my commute has decreased drastically over the last
    10 years.
    I put 240K on an '88 Jeep Wagoneer before giving it away to a charity.
    I rebuilt the tranny at 160K. I have close to 500K on my '79 Ford F100.
    Albeit I rebuilt the motor and tranny each once in the F100, I'm still
    drive it daily the 5-6 miles to work. One of the kids is driving an '87
    Camry we gave him that is at 95K, bought from an old gal who never drove
    much. Other kid is driving a '93 Festiva w/ 100K on it. There's been
    other cars I've owned over the years, some good, some not so good but I
    truly believe that routine service is the key to longevity. In fact
    I've proven the value of routinely servicing my vehicles including
    motorcycles since my first car in '67 which was an indestructible '55
    Chevy 2 door hard-top.
    Same here w/ a 2009 Sonata Ltd. First time Hyundai buyer and it seems
    to be a very decent car - so far. It's the wife's daily driver.
    Mark Time, Jan 10, 2009
  6. IlBeBauck

    nothermark Guest

    1. Just bought a Ford P/U - Hyundai not available here if they make
    one. Assuming equal fit, finish, price and available features I would
    buy American. I won't buy an automatic transmission, satellite radio
    or a foreign made vehicle with a big 3 badge.
    nothermark, Jan 10, 2009
  7. IlBeBauck

    hyundaimech Guest

    One of the best cars ever made, in my opinion.
    hyundaimech, Jan 11, 2009
  8. IlBeBauck

    Mark Time Guest

    Yes and it was a great deal. Original owner had it for 20 years before
    I got in w/ 70K on it and for $1500 in '07. Wife used it for her daily
    freeway commute. Kid needed a car, so we got to looking at '08 Camrys.
    We stopped at the Hyundai dealer and she fell in love w/ the '09 Sonata
    Ltd. LOL I got the deal I wanted. The kid's not on the freeway much,
    mostly surface streets w/ school and job but having no air bag is a bit
    dicey IMHO.
    Mark Time, Jan 11, 2009
  9. IlBeBauck

    IlBeBauck Guest

    I think the Corporate philosophy is different between America and
    Asia . In addition, I think Workers pride is higher in Asia and they
    dont have the 'entitlement' attitude that everybody owes them .
    Attitudes of people come out in the quality of work all the time.
    IlBeBauck, Jan 12, 2009
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