My Elantra fell off the lift!!

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by jon R, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. jon R

    jon R Guest

    I brought my 2001 Elantra GT in for a tire rotation and it fell off the
    lift! (Unf&*(%$ing believable.)It's probably totalled, though not yet
    officially estimated. (Twisted frame...lots of body damage, not to mention
    potential mechanical least I don't think I could ever feel safe
    driving it again.) It had 52,000 miles, 5-speed, no ABS, no sunroof. Any
    opinions on what a fair settlement might be? Thanks.
    jon R, Oct 5, 2003
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  2. jon R

    pookeybrain Guest

    Err, and this was where?
    pookeybrain, Oct 5, 2003
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  3. jon R

    NobodyMan Guest

    I'd have a lawyer making sure somebody from that shop was buying me a
    new car.
    NobodyMan, Oct 6, 2003
  4. jon R

    Jon R Guest

    BP Procare...Columbus, Ohio
    Jon R, Oct 6, 2003
  5. jon R

    David Spera Guest

    Surely they are paying for a rental car for you till their insurance
    comes through?
    David Spera, Oct 6, 2003
  6. jon R

    seahorse25 Guest

    I know that doing your own maintenance isn't for everyone,
    but the above is one more reason I rotate my own!

    seahorse25, Oct 6, 2003
  7. jon R

    David Spera Guest

    Please keep us informed as to the resolution.
    David Spera, Oct 6, 2003
  8. jon R

    news group Guest

    Look for simular model less miles .extended warrentee. plus car rental
    reimbusement also ckeck tires on replacement also service records .make
    sure replacement was not in any accidents.....
    news group, Oct 6, 2003
  9. Yep, I agree with the below reply...

    Go for a new car. If they will not settle for a new car at least reject the
    first -2- offers they give you on the one they totaled.
    FloridaSponge, Oct 6, 2003
  10. The goal should to be make him whole, not to win the lottery. One's
    time is worth something, to be sure, but it'd need to be worth a WHOLE
    LOT to justify replacing a car with 50,000+ miles on it with a brand
    new one. I'd say a 2001 model (which will likely have fewer miles) as
    a replacement, plus equivalent warranty and rental and other expenses,
    would suffice.
    Jerry Kindall, Oct 6, 2003
  11. jon R

    Jon R Guest

    Yes, they are paying for a rental. They said they were going to look at the
    car but still haven't.

    Here was one of my thoughts but I don't want to short-change myself:

    I looked on Kelly BlueBook site for the "retail" price of an similarly
    equiped Elentra GT with 53000 miles. It came up to $9030. Then I add to
    that tax of $610 and round up for incidentals such as title transfers, etc.
    and come to something like $10,000. Yet, inside I do feel that they owe mw
    something for the inconvenience and hassle? More thoughts?

    Anyway I'll keep you all informed...
    Jon R, Oct 7, 2003
  12. This is where the legal system fails. The mechanic had a responsibility to
    his customer. He was a "professional" hired to work on the car. Making it
    "whole" is a legal cop out. It's sad that will probably be all Jon gets
    (blue book). A typical legal set up is for the insurance to make a low
    offer, then delay payment for as long as possible while Jon has to hire a
    lawyer who will take more than 30% of the settlement. In the end he may be
    lucky to get 40% of the car's value. Another used car may be OK if it
    includes the 100K warranty, but if you get a used one, the warranty only
    goes to 60K.

    I sincerely hope the shop does well by Jon and gives him good customer
    service. If he has to resort to the legal system keep in mind the most
    corrupt part of our society is the legal system.
    kurtis Harrison, Oct 7, 2003
  13. jon R

    pookeybrain Guest

    I think this is going to depend entirely upon the shop's insurance company.
    When my wife and kids were rear-ended by a guy with Geico, we were paid full
    retail value for the car in 3 business days. They even compensated us for
    the groceries in the trunk that were lost.
    pookeybrain, Oct 7, 2003
  14. a new elantra
    CHRIS WALLACE, Oct 9, 2003
  15. jon R

    Dmitry Guest

    and a bug of chips!
    Dmitry, Oct 16, 2003
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