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Discussion in 'Hyundai Entourage' started by Eric G., Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Eric G.

    Eric G. Guest

    My dealer is having a special this month. They are offering 30% off
    every Hyundai in stock. The 30% is off the dealer markup sticker and
    NOT the Hyundai sticker.

    When I got to the dealer, and expressed my interest in an Entourage SE,
    all of a sudden the 30% off had exclusions, and one of them was the
    Entourage. Only 10% off, plus the $1500 rebate from Hyundai.

    It took me threatening legal action, since the radio commercial has
    clearly NO exceptions mentioned, but I did get my 30% off.

    Anyway, sticker was $29,890. Dealer sticker was $32,885 after $2995 for
    pin striping and door guards (what a joke). Wound up paying just south
    of $21,000. After taxes and tags, trading in our 2002 Elantra, and
    $5,000 down, we financed around $12,000.

    We wound up with a blue SE with the ~$3000 DVD/entertainment package.
    Let me say that we were really looking to buy the GLS with the small
    option package (no DVD and a ton of other stuff we didn't need or really
    want), but without even one of them on the lot, they were unwilling to
    negotiate on getting one that way.

    I can't really offer too many impressions yet, except to say that it
    really drives like a car. Build quality seems as good as, or slightly
    better, than my 2006 Sonata. Oh, and the cup holders are plentiful and
    well-designed :)

    On the negative side, I now own two vehicles (or make payments on two
    vehicles) that get worse mileage than the two they replaced. Kind of a
    step backwards. But with a somewhat rapidly expanding family, I think
    it was a more energy-efficient choice than buying some other vehicles on
    the market.

    Well, more impressions to follow....once we figure out all the damned
    buttons :)

    Eric G., Jun 16, 2006
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  2. Eric G. on his post about his brand new Entourage (which he got a GREAT
    price), said: "Well, more impressions to follow....once we figure out all
    the damned buttons."
    :) ......

    I thought figuring out the buttons was always the fun part of a new vehicle.
    Kind of like that Bud Light commercial from years ago with the guy claiming
    to be a doctor playing around with all the buttons inside a limousine.

    Hey, enjoy. And, especially after break-in, keep us posted what kind of
    fuel mileage it's getting.

    Tom Wenndt
    Rev. Tom Wenndt, Jun 16, 2006
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  3. Eric G.

    Eric G. Guest

    You're right about that. Figuring out *most* of the buttons will be fun.
    But last night, while I had about 10 minutes to "experiment", the damned
    sliding doors would not open automatically. I thought for sure something
    was broken until I looked in the manual (always a last resort) and found
    that there is an unlabeled button, located on the overhead console, near
    the rear-view mirror, that apparently turns off the automatic doors. And
    man, are those doors heavy to open manually.

    With the amount of buttons, and the fact that this will be my wife's
    primary driver, I may personally never figure them all out!!

    Eric G., Jun 16, 2006
  4. Eric G.

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Just hope they keep on working. I'm always worried with all of the new
    gadgets on new vehicles.

    Matt Whiting, Jun 16, 2006
  5. Eric G.

    A.C. Guest

    I sell Hyundai in the Sacramento CA area... at a dealer that is honest and
    has integrity (as do I). You were right to hold your ground and not let
    them weasel out of the advertised promo.

    In car sales you don't have to be a 'great' salesperson. I'm not great. You
    just have to be honest and treat people fairly and not pull stunts like
    this. All the other dealers and sales guys/gals think that this is the only
    way to sell so the few dealers (of all brands) and salespeople who practice
    honesty and integrity sell lots of cars. People WANT to buy... but they
    HATE to be sold.

    Good for you for standing up and getting the deal you came in to get. You
    would not have had to do it with me or at my store, but there are a lot of
    not-so-terrific dealers and salespeople still in the Hyundai franchise...
    but Hyundai to its credit takes the CSI survey seriously so make sure you
    fill it in and make the complaint. Hyundai pays a bonus to sales people who
    have excellent CSI scores and you can bet they will take action on your
    issue if you spell it out.

    "A nice Jewish boy... selling cars... with honesty and integrity"
    A.C., Jun 16, 2006
  6. Eric G.

    Eric G. Guest

    Thanks for your reply. This is the sixth car I personally have
    purchased from this dealer since 1997 and the 11th I have been
    responsible for. Up to this point, they have been nothing but honest
    and fair with me. I have already emailed the owner, who I have known
    from day one, about my experience. And since it is his voice on the
    radio commercial, I hold him personally responsible. He did apologize
    to me, but I really have a different feeling from him now. Maybe his
    "bottom line" has changed and he is resorting to these tricks, but there
    is no excuse for that kind of treatment. Especially for a repeat
    customer like myself.

    In all honesty, I'm not sure I would be treated any better at any other
    Hyundai dealer, or any other dealer for that matter.

    At the end I had a good laugh with the finance guy. I had been show a
    computer screen that showed they sold me the car at $2100 BELOW THEIR
    COST several times. When I was signing, I made a joke to the guy who
    proceeded to show me the same screen. I told him that if he followed me
    home, I could show him a screen that said I paid $10,000 less than they
    paid. He looked at me and laughed and said that he was quite sure I

    The BIG problem I have with the CSI survey is that in this case my
    salesman actually did an excellent job. It was his boss and his bosses
    boss that were the problem here. I think a bad survey will only hurt
    the salesman, or hurt him the most. But I do think that they listen to
    the surveys and I will fill it out honestly. To hell with the free oil
    change :)

    Eric G., Jun 17, 2006
  7. Eric G.

    NOLA Robert Guest


    I look forward to your future posts on your new Entourage experience.
    My wife and I were ready to buy a Honda Odyssey when I read up on the
    new Hyundai Entourage. We test drove the Limited and then the SE on
    Sunday and just loved it. Financially, we are going to have to wait
    until the end of December to purchase one so I am going to spend time
    keeping up with this newsgroup to see how new owners of the Entourage
    feel about their new minivan. So you are providing a great public
    service to those of us who are planning to buy in the near future.
    Also, anyone with car buying tips please provide your insights. The
    dealer gave me a walk out the door price, tax, tags, title of $28,970.
    That includes the 8.5% sales tax here in Jefferson Parish Louisiana.
    That was for the SE with Package Option 2, so no DVD Entertainment
    system or Infinity Sound System. That price seems to be what they are
    asking from my research at the online car websites. Does this jibe
    with your experience or is their a way for me to strike a better deal.
    We won't have a trade-in and we will pay 10,000 down payment.

    Thanks again for the great feedback. I hope your Entourage experience
    is a damned good one!

    Robert in Metairie, LA
    NOLA Robert, Jul 24, 2006
  8. Eric G.

    Smee Guest

    Just checked and the price for my area in NY is
    $25,635 plus tax and such, so the price you were quoted is in the
    Smee, Jul 24, 2006
  9. Eric G.

    Eric G. Guest

    Since you asked....So far we have just under 1300 miles on our
    Entourage. My wife is filling up on her way home, but so far we have
    averaged 16.2 MPG. Not quite was I was hoping for, but our driving has
    mostly been city so far. We have a couple of long trips planned soon,
    and I really hope that brings the average up.

    Of course, it has been so damned hot lately that BOTH air conditioners
    have been running most of the time. With 2 compressors going almost
    full-tilt I am sure that is what is impacting the mileage the most. I
    try to turn the rear unit off most of the time, but my wife is using it
    as the daily driver, and I found the thing was on all last week!! OK,
    it was 100 degrees here and all, but with no rear passengers, that is
    just a waste IMO.

    Other than the mileage, we have been very pleased with the vehicle. It
    is much smoother than my '06 Sonata (longer wheelbase) and is very
    pleasent to drive. It has more than adequate acceleration.

    One minor problem we have is that when the front AC compressor is on,
    the engine sounds like it is knocking. I suspect a bad bearing in the
    AC compressor, or possibly something wrong with the clutch. It is on
    the list for the dealer to check out as soon as we can get it in.

    The Infinity sound system is WAY overkill, but it is nice to be able to
    burn MP3's or WMA's on a CD. My Sonata only plays MP3's.

    The DVD system has turned out to be a nice thing for the kids, but I
    still wouldn't have purchased it if I didn't have to.

    Eric G., Jul 24, 2006
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